Baki Hanma Season 2: Why is Jack Hanma so skinny?

What's the mystery behind Jack Hanma?

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Jack Hanma is the older half-brother of Baki Hanma. He is a pit fighter from Canada and the son of Yujirou Hanma and Diane Neil. Like his brother Baki, he too aims at surpassing his father, Yujirou Hanma in terms of strength and taking revenge for what he did to his mother. 

Baki Hanma Season 2’ is the long-awaited sequel to the Netflix original anime, ‘Baki’. The anime is based on the manga, ‘Baki the Grappler’ by Keisuke Itakagi. Season 2 of the anime is based on the Pickle Arc from the manga. 

The anime is set to release in two parts, with Part 1 releasing on Netflix on July 26, 2023, and Part 2 will be available on August 24, 2023. 

Jack Hanma

The Transformation of Jack Hanma

Jack Hanma is a character that adds to the dark parallel along Baki. Unlike Baki, Jack abandoned his traditional training methods and instead abused steroids, surgery, and other artificial means to increase his strength. 

But there’s more to the story of Jack Hanma, he did not want to be ‘The Strongest Man’ in the world, he just wanted to be a little stronger than his father, Yujirou Hanma. Jack’s driving force is wanting to defeat his father, Yujirou Hanma, who raped his mother, Diane.

Jack Hanma takes steroids

Jack trained super super hard to become stronger. He used to overwork his muscles to the point where they deteriorated. Jack Hanama was nothing more than skin and bones. He believed that he would never be able to beat his father without normal training, and therefore turned to the world of antibiotics and drugs. 

Jack Hanma who is now stronger and bigger than ever, meets Baki Hanma in the finals of the Maximum Tournament. While fighting Baki, the side effects of the drug abuse kick in and his body deforms. He loses his battle with Baki and is on the verge of death. 

Baki defeats Jack Hanma

A heavily injured Jack asks Dr. Kureha to perform limb-lengthening surgery on his bones. Kureha warns him of the risk but as he has the Hanma blood in him, he survives. The surgery goes well and Jack is now bigger and stronger than ever. He stands at a whopping 243cm (8 feet) tall. 

In the trailer for ‘Baki Hanma: Season 2’, Jack is seen having an intense fight with Pickle, the antagonist. It will be interesting to see how the Steroid Monster fares up against the Primitive Beast.

Source – Baki Fandom

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