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AWSMONE is a media publication, owned and managed by scrollbytes, is a Media House covering the latest news in Entertainment, K Wave, Anime and Technology.

AWSMONE is dedicated to bringing in factually correct, engaging, and up-to-date news to its readers. Our editorial team works round the clock and covers breaking news, along with exclusive data and analytical reports on important events.

The Team

Naveen K

Website Manager

Naveen is a multi-talented individual with a love for entrepreneurship, technology, and entertainment. His unique combination of skills and interests make him a fascinating person to know.

Pragya Chowdhury

Managing Editor

Pragya is the Managing Editor of Awsmone. She loves keeping up with the latest pop-culture news.

Levin Plassery


Hello, My name's Levin, out here navigating through typos and writer's block, one word at a time. Ps, the glass in the picture is not a sign of my crippling alcoholism which has resorted me to writing, am only 22.

Gouri S.


I am a BA Communicative English graduate who loves writing. I read and watch series and films a lot. I want to be a good writer and create stories that attract readers. I try to improve my skills every day and go on a literary adventure that will make an impact.

Vishakha Thakar


An aspiring journalist trying to fit into the world of words to express my views. I firmly believe that my writing can positively change the perspective of readers. I fuel my writing with logic, research, and of course, emotions.

Vidushi Miya


A bright journalist with a vision to entertain many. Skills make it work, and so is my work. Brighter the moon, shimmery the day; making way to the future from the past till today.

Nikhat Parveen


I love English Literature and study it at the University of Delhi, India. I write for AWSMONE and have published poems. I am a Content Writer, Interviewer and Honorary Reporter.

Drishti Bhattacharya


Drishti Bhattacharya is passionate about the entertainment industry such as movies, Korean Dramas, Korean Pop and Anime. Though Drishti's interest in art, especially in Music and Dramas.