Star Wars: New film from “Stranger Things” director Shawn Levy in planning?

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Has the next big “Star Wars” movie found a new director? Apparently Disney has found a director for “Deadpool 3” and “Stranger Things“.

  • A new director has reportedly been found for the next big “Star Wars” movie.
  • What is the truth behind the rumors and how early could filming start?

For Disney, “Star Wars” is one of the most lucrative brands. The media giant is constantly looking for new directors for new film and series projects in the “Star Wars” universe. Now there is a contender for the directing post of the next big “Star Wars” movie

According to the American magazine Deadline, Canadian-American film and television director Shawn Levy is in talks to direct a new “Star Wars” film. This, however, only after he has finished his current projects for Disney and Netflix.

Action and mystery expert for the next big “Star Wars” movie hit

Star Wars: New film from "Stranger Things" director Shawn Levy in planning?
Star Wars © Disney+

Shawn Levy is best known for his work with Ryan Reynolds on “Free Guy” and “The Adam Project.” Levy has also served as executive producer on episodes of “Stranger Things.” He is currently working on the 3rd “Deadpool” film, which will finally bring Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) and Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) together.

Levy is also slated to direct episodes for the 5th season of “Stranger Things.” After that, Levy would be free to start another collaboration with Disney. This time in a new franchise for him: Star Wars.

The people need more Star Wars

Andor Season 2
Star Wars – Andor © Disney+

You don’t have to go far out on a limb to suspect that Disney has a bunch of new “Star Wars” movies in the works. Taika Waititi has already been hired for one. Two more projects by Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy and Patty Jenkins are to follow.

So now Shawn Levy, with his skillful style mix of groundbreaking action and well-tackled humor, is also supposed to go to the galaxy far, far away. Because of his previous projects, one might assume that a “Star Wars” film from him would go more in the comedic than serious direction.

In any case, Shawn Levy is such a renowned and talented director that his “Star Wars” movie should attract a lot of attention just because of him.

For which planned or new project exactly Lucasarts and Disney want to hire Levy is not yet known. Since he is currently busy with his other film adaptations, it will probably be a while before we get any new information on this.

In addition, there is of course the 3rd season “The Mandalorian“, the next season “Star Wars: Visions” as well as the newest series “Acolyte” and “Ashoka”. Good times to be a Star Wars fan. The “Star Wars” surprise series “Andor” is also currently running on Disney+.

“Andor” takes place between the prequel trilogy and “Rogue One,” more specifically covering the 5 years leading up to “Rogue One.” Cassian Andor joins the Rebellion and the “Star Wars” series on Disney+ explains how Cassian became the man who later helped Jyn Erso steal the plans for the Death Star.

As a Disney+ production, “Cassian Andor” can be seen worldwide on Disney’s streaming service. A TV broadcast is not expected, but an episode of “The Mandalorian” was shown on Disney+, so a TV broadcast of “Cassian Andor” is not completely out of the question, even if the entire series is unlikely to be shown.

“Star Wars” fans know Cassian Andor from “Rogue One – A Star Wars Story. In it, apart from the usual Skywalker saga, the prequel to Episode 4 “A New Hope” was told. Cassian Andor was part of a group of rebels who managed to steal the Death Star plans. A decisive step in the fight against the Empire, but Cassian and his allies paid for it with their lives.

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