Stranger Things Season 4: Eddie the serial killer – the secret origin story of the popular character

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Stranger Things season 4 is completely available on Netflix. Now the Duffer brothers revealed that the popular character Eddie is based on a serial killer.

  • Since July 01, 2022, you can finally stream the complete 4th season of “Stranger Things” on Netflix.
  • Matt and Ross Duffer, the creators of the series, now revealed special details about the background of the show.
  • For example, Eddie Munson, a main character in season 4, is said to be based on a convicted murderer from the 1990s.

Stranger Things season 4 enjoys great popularity at Netflix. Shortly after the start of season 4 in May 2022, the final two episodes finally launched on Steam on July 1. In them you will also see the cast newcomer Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson again. This character may look familiar to some True Crime fans among the viewers, as he is based on a key figure in the “West Memphis Three” court case.

You met Eddie Munson in Season 4 as a metal-loving social misfit and drug dealer who leads the “Dungeons and Dragons” group Hellfire Club. In Episode 1, he has been seen reading news reports that the nerdy role-playing games would lead to Satanism and even murder. Shortly after, Eddie himself is accused of murder.

The producers of the series, Matt and Ross Duffer, mentioned in a recent interview that Munson is based on Damien Echols. The latter was charged along with two friends for the murders of three eight-year-old boys in West Memphis, Arkansas. The case was much discussed in the media because of the suspicion of a miscarriage of justice.

The Duffer brothers wanted to incorporate the “satanic panic” that was prevalent in parts of the U.S. in the ’80s and ’90s into the new season. This brought them to the “Paradise Lost” documentaries, which dealt with the “West Memphis Three,” and thus to Damien Echols.

“We really wanted a character who was a metalhead, a Dungeons & Dragons fan, and a real nerd at heart. But from the outside, you might also think ‘this kid is really creepy.’ That’s how we came up with the idea for Eddie,” Ross said.

The “Paradise Lost” series was written by Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky and tells the story of Damien Echols, then 18, Jason Baldwin, then 16, and Jessie Misskelley, then 17. The three metal fans and friends went to prison for life in 1993 for the alleged murder of three boys, Damien Echols was even sentenced to death.

The perpetrators, who were mostly minors at the time, were also portrayed as social misfits in their trial. The prosecution insisted that there were links between the crime and Echols’ interest in Stephen King books and paganism. In 2007, however, new DNA evidence emerged that proved the innocence of the three metals, who were finally released only in 2011. Since then, Echols has published four books on magic and ritual.

Speaking about the “Stranger Things” character Eddie Munson, Matt Duffer concluded in the interview, “The sad thing about this story is that the people who know him love Eddie. And those who don’t know him condemn him to the extreme. Just because of the way he dresses and his interests.”

Stranger Things Season 4: Where to Watch

Stranger Things Season 4: Eddie the serial killer - the secret origin story of the popular character
Stranger Things Season 4 © Netflix

Stranger Things is an in-house production of the streaming service Netflix. Users of other streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video or Disney+ cannot stream “Stranger Things” there. A TV broadcast of “Stranger Things” is also not yet planned.

Stranger Things Season 4: Trailer

Stranger Things season 4 returns with its second edition on July 1, 2022. Two episodes will be released, which will be the epic finale of the fourth season. Now a new epic trailer for season 4, part 2 has been released and it turns up the bombast!

The epic new trailer for “Stranger Things” season 4, part 2 is accompanied by the song “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush, which was already used in the first edition of the fourth season of the Netflix series. The series has even brought the 80s song back into the charts.

After issue 2 of the fourth “Stranger Things” season, fans will have to wait again, but at least there is the certainty that the series will continue. “Stranger Things” season 5 is already confirmed.

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