Stranger Things Season 5: Title of the first episode revealed – everything about the finale of the Netflix series

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Stranger Things season 5 has long been confirmed – and will be the conclusion of the Netflix hit series. Now the title of the first episode has been revealed. All information about the grand finale and the start of production can be found here.

  • Stranger Things” is already on the home stretch, season 5 will be the end of the series.
  • Netflix would certainly have liked to produce more seasons, but Matt and Ross Duffer already have a firm conclusion in mind.
  • On Stranger Things Day, the title of episode 1 of the finale was revealed.

Stranger Things” is running so successfully on Netflix that the streaming service is letting the Duffer brothers decide for themselves when the series should end. So the two showrunners can tell their story at a pace that makes sense to them and don’t have to stretch the plot or rush to a conclusion.

That’s how season 5 will end. This comes as little surprise, after all, the main characters of the series have grown up in the meantime, yet Netflix would certainly have preferred more seasons. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about the conclusion of the Hawkins saga.

Stranger Things Season 5: Release date

Stranger Things Season 5: Title Of The First Episode Revealed - Everything About The Finale Of The Netflix Series
Stranger Things © Netflix

There is no start date for season 5 yet. Most likely, filming will begin in 2023, making a 2024 release on Netflix a possibility. The Duffer brothers promised that the wait for season 5 will be shorter than the long dry spell before season 4, but 2 years is still a long time, of course.

Stranger Things Season 5: Plot

The writers are still sitting diligently on the scripts, meanwhile it is already known that episode 1 will be titled “The Crawl”. Of course, not much can be deduced about the plot, except that something or someone will crawl. Maybe Eddie will crawl back from the shadow world after all.

It’s safe to say that the unanswered questions left over from season 4 will be answered in season 5, after all, the Netflix hit is supposed to wrap up all the storylines.

In addition, it is already known that season 5 will begin with a time jump, which may even catapult us several years into the future. A bold decision after the cliffhanger finale of season 4, but the main actors and actresses are so obviously older than their characters that Elfi and co. must now also age as quickly as possible.

By the way, the running time of the episodes in season 5 is supposed to decrease again, after season 4 consisted almost entirely of episodes with excess length. The series finale, on the other hand, will again last over two hours, the Duffers can already confirm.

Stranger Things Season 5: Cast

The Stranger Things
Stranger Things © Netflix

As things stand, all the main characters of “Stranger Things” are likely to be back in season 5. In other words, whoever was still alive at the end of season 4 will also return in season 5. That also includes Sadie Sink as Max, even if her fate naturally hangs in the balance.

A return of deceased characters is of course also possible in the world of “Stranger Things,” but it is unlikely that we will learn of guest appearances of this kind in advance. As is often the case, patience is required. In the meantime, you can take your mind off things with suitable series alternatives or browse Netflix’s new releases program for exciting highlights.

Stranger Things Season 5: Production

The team of writers is already hard at work writing the scripts for “Stranger Things” season 5. They started their work on August 2, 2022. On Twitter, the screenwriters posted a picture of a still-empty whiteboard with the “Stranger Things” logo.

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