The Last of Us: New set photo of “The Mandalorian” star Pedro Pascal as Joel

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There is new footage from the set of the HBO series “The Last of Us“. A Twitter user takes a snapshot of “The Mandalorian” star Pedro Pascal in his role as Joel.

  • “The Last of Us” is a series that retells the gripping story of the well-known video game from Naughty Dog.
  • Actor Pedro Pascal was photographed on set in the role of Joel.
  • Filming on the HBO series is currently in full swing.

Filming on “The Last of Us” is in full swing. Now actor Pedro Pascal, who plays Joel in the adaptation of the PlayStation game, has been spotted on the set of the HBO series.

Twitter user Kristin Raworth was able to take a snapshot of Pascal, but it’s not entirely apparent to what extent “The Mandalorian” star matches his virtual role model. Pascal wore a mouth-nose protection on set.

From what is known so far about “The Last of US” series adaptation, the HBO production will be a largely faithful adaptation of the original game. Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann of game developer Naughty Dog are co-developing and co-writing the series and confirm that “The Last of Us” will also feature elements cut from the original game. Fans can look forward to a total of 10 episodes in the series.

The Last of Us: Release Date

The Last Of Us: New Set Photo Of &Quot;The Mandalorian&Quot; Star Pedro Pascal As Joel
The Last of Us © HBO

It’s finally been decided when “The Last of Us” will be released! The video game adaptation will premiere on the US channel HBO and its in-house streaming service HBO Max on January 15, 2023.

But fans in this country won’t have to wait too much longer either. As expected, “The Last of Us” will be broadcast on Sky and Wow – and almost simultaneously. Due to the time difference, however, the broadcast will be postponed to the night of January 16, 2023.

Although it has not yet been officially confirmed, it can be assumed that the total of nine episodes will probably be broadcast in a weekly rhythm.

The Last of Us: Trailer

Eager fans no longer have to wait, as Sky has now released the first official trailer for the HBO original drama series. The clip not only gives us a much more detailed foretaste of the events and the dark atmosphere, but also finally reveals when the series will start.

In addition, the first official poster for the soon-to-be-released series has now appeared. This was also shared by the game developers via Twitter.

In September 2021, Neil Druckmann, writer and executive producer of the series and developer of the game, previously published a photo on Twitter showing Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey in their costumes as Joel and Ellie for the first time.

The Last of Us: Storyline

The Last Of Us
The Last of Us: Cordyceps fungus infected © HBO

The series will pick up the plot of the game, The Hollywood Reporter reported. “The Last of Us” is set in a post-apocalyptic world. In it, Joel Miller, a hardened survivor, gets the job of smuggling 14-year-old Ellie out of the quarantine zone. The job becomes a dangerous journey across the United States. Ellie represents the last hope of humanity.

Perhaps the series also picks up the plot of “The Last of Us” Part 2. This picks up 4 years after the first game. Joel and Ellie lead a relatively peaceful life in the meantime. But soon they have to deal with the Washington Liberation Front (WLF, called Wolfs) from Seattle.

It’s possible that the series adaptation will also break new ground and develop its own plot, so that fans of the games will also be surprised by the developments.

A plot element that was only touched on in the video games will probably play a bigger role in “The Last of Us” series. The two Fireflies rebels, Bill and Frank, refer to each other as partners in the video game. This does not delve into what is meant. One of the game developers has confirmed that it is a romantic relationship. This is now to play a more weighty role in the series.

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