Secret Invasion Ending Explained: What lies in the future for Skrulls?

The Nick Fury miniseries so far.

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The finale of ‘Secret Invasion‘ is here and the famous Nick Fury series has finally come to an end. This was the first Marvel show in which Nick Fury played the main role. He was more than just the former S.H.I.E.L.D (Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division) Director, in fact, Nick Fury is here to save everyone on Earth. 

Samuel L. Jackson stars alongside Ben Mendelsohn, Kingsley Ben-Adir, Cobbie Smulders, Don Cheadle, and Killian Scott. Fans can stream the show on Disney+. Honestly, at this point, we have lost count of the number of times Samuel L. Jackson has played Nick Fury on screen. 

In Secret Invasion, Nick Fury is at war with the Skrulls, a shape-shifting alien species who have been seeking refuge on Earth. Nick Fury is responsible for this as years ago, he promised the Skrulls refuge in exchange for them helping him. But things go haywire as Fury fails in his promise to find them a new home.

Nick Fury with the vial

Secret Invasion Ending: Another Rushed Finale from Marvel?

*spoilers ahead for Secret Invasion*

Gravik, leader of the Skrulls is looking for ‘The Harvest’, the vial containing all the blood/DNA samples of some of the strongest Avengers. Of course, Nick Fury is two steps ahead and sends Gi’ah in place of him. 

Now, a question that came to everyone’s mind is why would Gravik allow Nick Fury to be in the same machine which gives him the superpowers. How did someone like Gravik, who managed to pull off an attack on the United States President Ritson’s Escort, not think of the consequences of this? 

Super Skrull Gravik in Secret Invasion

Also, the fight sequence between Gi’ah and Gravik was less than 5 minutes long. It had so much potential to be more than 5 minutes as the two were harnessing the powers of the strongest Marvel characters out there. Heck, those 2 were possibly the strongest Marvel Characters at that given time and Marvel only gave the fight sequence 5 minutes, with an abrupt death to Gravik.

The series ends with Humans launching an all-out attack against the Skrulls. Sonya Falsworth offers the now Super-Skrull Gi’ah a deal that would ensure the safety of the Skrulls. Meanwhile, Nick Fury decides to leave the planet and continue working with SABER. 

Super Gi'ah

The finale ends with so many questions unanswered. Why does Nick Fury leave the Skrulls when they need him the most? Is there a bigger threat? How does the patriotic Gi’ah tolerate the slaughter of her people? Is Gravik actually dead? 

Nick Fury does mention that the Kree are open to peace talks with the Skrulls. Does this mean the Skrulls return to their home planet? Also, what is the deal that Soniya Falsworth makes with Gi’ah? Season 2 of Secret Invasion is unlikely as Disney has described the show as a miniseries. 

Sonya and Gi'ah

All episodes of Secret Invasion are now available on Disney+.

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