Your Honor Season 3: Will the crime series continue?

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A New Orleans judge will do anything to cover up a crime committed by his son. Will he stand up for his protégé in “Your Honor” Season 3?

Michael Desiato (Bryan Cranston) serves as a judge in New Orleans and has an excellent reputation. After his wife died in an accident, he lives alone with his son Adam (Hunter Doohan). When the young man suffers an asthma attack in the car, fatally injuring a motorcyclist, Michael uses all his contacts to cover up the accident. But it gets worse, because the accident victim is the son of the feared mobster Jimmy Baxter (Michael Stuhlbarg) – which has unexpected consequences for the desperate judge. If and how it continues for Michael in “Your Honor” season 3, you can find out here.

If you want to watch “Your Honor”, you can find the series on Amazon Prime Video in the purchase stream and alternatively via Paramount+ Channel. We have more drama for you in the video.

Your Honor Season 3: Is the drama going into a new round?

Initially intended as a miniseries, the American cable network Showtime finally decided to send the crime drama format into a second round. Fans were right to rejoice at the announcement on Twitter, as the crime series thrills with its dark, impenetrable atmosphere and a brilliant Bryan Cranston (“Breaking Bad“). The protagonist struggles to lift himself out of the depths of organized crime and at the same time master the role of judge, but also as a father. But what about season 3 of “Your Honor”? In fact, there will be no third season to the dramatic crime series, as Bryan Cranston confirmed on the “Dax Shephard’s Armchair Expert” podcast, according to Newsweek and Premiere Date.

Other mafia series as alternatives to Your Honor Season 3

For those who were hoping for a third season of “Your Honor” and are now disappointed, the following mafia series can also take you into criminal territory:

  • McMafia: Alex Godman (James Norton) is the son of an oligarch and has had an eventful career in organized crime. But the dropout is caught up in his criminal past and once again gets tangled in the web of drugs, corruption and human trafficking. You can find the driving mafia crime series on Amazon Prime Video in the buy stream.
  • Suburra: Blood on Rome: Several mafia families battle for criminal supremacy in Rome. However, not only the various clans are involved in the bloody feuds, but also the church and politics are busy meddling in the swamp. It soon becomes apparent that the boundaries between good and evil are fluid. The intelligently told and darkly staged mafia series is available to watch on the Netflix subscription.
  • In the Face of Crime: Marek Gorsky (Max Riemelt) is a police officer in Berlin and gets a new assignment. Together with his friend and colleague Sven Lottner (Ronald Zehrfeld), he is to investigate the surroundings of rival Russian mafia clans. You can watch the crime series by director Dominik Graf on Amazon Prime Video and iTunes in the purchase stream.
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