Liar Liar: Anime New Trailer Unveils Opening

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Prepare yourselves, folks! A brand-new trailer has just graced the official Twitter account of the notorious Liar Liar anime adaptation. This tantalizing trailer treats us to a sneak peek of the highly anticipated opening and ending sequences. Brace yourselves for an exhilarating journey!

Liar Liar Anime: Series Brought to Life by GEEK TOYS

Mark your calendars for the much-anticipated premiere of Liar Liar on July 9, 2023. This captivating series will be masterfully directed by none other than Naoki Matsuura (you might recognize his directorial prowess from his work on the popular series Black Clover). And let’s not forget the incredible talents at Studio GEEK TOYS (responsible for the explosive success of Date A Live V and Plunderer) under the guidance of Satoru Oono. Together, they’ll bring this captivating tale to life on the screen.

Captivating Minds with Stellar Talent

Get ready to be blown away by an extraordinary cast! The lead roles will be portrayed by Wakana Kuramochi (you might know her as Caph from the enchanting The Duke of Death and His Maid) as Sarasa Saionji and Genta Nakamura (the remarkable voice behind Honda Keiji in the thrilling In/Spectre 2) as Hiroto Shinohara. Yukina Shutou (best known for her unforgettable performance as Orphia in the mesmerizing Seirei Gensouki) is rounding out this stellar lineup, lending her voice to the character Shirayuki Himeji.

Unveiling the Origins

The captivating tale of Liar Liar originated as a gripping light novel, skillfully penned by the enigmatic Haruki Kuou. Since its debut in Japan in April 2019, readers have been captivated by this immersive story, accompanied by the stunning illustrations by the talented konomi. Not stopping there, Funa Yukina has brought this world to life through a mesmerizing manga adaptation, featured in the esteemed pages of Comic Alive in the illustrious Seine magazine since August 2019.

Liar Liar Anime Trailer

Witness the magic for yourself by diving into the exhilarating trailer from the official Twitter account of the Liar Liar anime adaptation! Feast your eyes on the trailer below and prepare to be astounded.

Liar Liar Plot

Welcome to Island Academy, where the fate of its students is decided through intense and thrilling games. During the entrance exam, I, Shinohara Hirota, achieved the highest score in the entire country. In a shocking turn of events, I managed to catch up to last year’s reigning champion, Saionji Sarasa, within a mere day, gaining recognition as the fastest individual to ascend to the ranks of the “Seven Stars,” the prestigious governing body of the school.

However, here’s the kicker—this whole narrative is nothing but an elaborate web of lies. In order to achieve my true goal on this enigmatic island, I must maintain my position at the top, even if it means fabricating my path with a series of deceitful acts. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride filled with twists and turns as I navigate this treacherous landscape, ensuring my success through any means necessary.

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