Will there be Hundred Season 2? Everything We Know So Far

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Hundred is a Japanese light novel series written by Jun Misaki and illustrated by Nekosuke Ōkuma. It was adapted into a manga by Sasayuki and an anime by Production IMS in 2016. The story follows Hayato Kisaragi, a young man who can wield a weapon called Hundred, the only thing that can counter the alien invaders known as Savage. He enrolls in a military academy called Little Garden, where he meets various girls who also have the ability to use Hundred.

Will there be Hundred Season 2?

Will there be a Hundred Season 2

The first season of Hundred anime aired from April 5 to June 20, 2016, covering the first four volumes of the light novel series. As of October 15, 2018, there are 16 volumes of the light novel series published by SB Creative under their GA Bunko imprint. This means that there is enough source material for a second season of the anime. However, there has been no official announcement or confirmation from the author, the publisher, or the studio regarding the production or release of Hundred Season 2. Therefore, it is uncertain if and when Hundred Season 2 will happen.

Hundred Season 2 Release Date

Hundred Season 2 Release Date

Since there is no official news about Hundred Season 2, it is hard to predict an exact release date for it. However, based on some assumptions and speculations, we can estimate a possible time frame for it. Assuming that the production of Hundred Season 2 will start soon and follow a similar schedule as the first season, we can expect it to air sometime in 2024 or later. Of course, this is just a rough guess and it may change depending on various factors such as the availability of the staff, the budget, the popularity, and the demand for the series.

Where Can You Watch Hundred?

The first season of Hundred anime is available for streaming on Crunchyroll, where you can watch it in Japanese with English subtitles. You can also watch it on Funimation, where you can watch it in both Japanese and English dub. The anime is also licensed by Crunchyroll for home video release in North America.

Hundred Season 2 Plot

Hundred Season 2 Plot

The plot of Hundred Season 2 will likely follow the events of the light novel series from volume 5 onwards. The story will continue to explore the mysteries behind the Savage, the Hundred, and the Variant. Hayato will face new challenges and enemies as he tries to protect his friends and the world from the Savage threat. He will also deepen his relationships with the girls who have feelings for him, such as Emilia, Claire, Sakura, Liddy, Reitia, and others.

Hundred Season 2 Trailer

There is no trailer for Hundred Season 2 yet, as it has not been officially announced or confirmed. However, you can watch the trailer for the first season of Hundred anime below to get an idea of what the series is about.

Hundred Characters, Cast & Anime Staff

I. Characters & Cast

The main characters and cast of Hundred anime are:

  • Hayato Kisaragi, voiced by Yoshiaki Hasegawa (Japanese) and Ricco Fajardo (English). He is the protagonist of the story and a Variant Slayer who can wield the Flying Swallow Hundred. He has a high compatibility with Hundred and is able to use multiple forms of his weapon. He is kind-hearted, brave, and loyal to his friends. He has a sister named Karen who suffers from an incurable disease.
  • Emile Crossford, voiced by Rumi Ookubo (Japanese) and Mallorie Rodak (English). She is Hayato’s roommate and childhood friend who disguises herself as a boy to enroll in Little Garden. She is actually Emilia Hermit, the princess of Emnetwyte Kingdom who escaped from her country after it was invaded by the Savage. She has feelings for Hayato and is very protective of him. She can wield the Diva Hundred.
  • Claire Harvey, voiced by Mao Ichimichi (Japanese) and Mikaela Krantz (English). She is the student council president and the strongest Slayer in Little Garden. She is known as the Queen due to her authority and charisma. She can wield the Variant-Type Hundred called Dragoon Lance that can transform into various weapons. She is strict, proud, and confident, but also has a softer side that she shows to Hayato.
  • Sakura Kirishima, voiced by Mayu Yoshioka (Japanese) and Natalie Hoover (English). She is a famous idol singer who performs under the stage name Liza Harvey. She is also Hayato’s childhood friend who was saved by him from a Savage attack 10 years ago. She can wield the Hundred called Mirage that can create illusions and manipulate sound. She is cheerful, energetic, and friendly, and has a crush on Hayato.

Other characters and cast include:

  • Karen Kisaragi, voiced by Kaya Okuno (Japanese) and Monica Rial (English). She is Hayato’s younger sister who suffers from an incurable disease called Tenebrosis. She is hospitalized in Yamato and communicates with Hayato through a device called Hundred Communicator. She is sweet, gentle, and supportive of her brother.
  • Charlotte Dimandius, voiced by Yui Horie (Japanese) and Alexis Tipton (English). She is the vice-president of the student council and Claire’s childhood friend. She is from the European Union and is the daughter of a wealthy family. She can wield the Hundred called Blitz Gunner that can fire powerful bullets. She is calm, elegant, and intelligent, but also has a mischievous side.
  • Miharu Kashiwagi, voiced by Yuna Yoshino (Japanese) and Sarah Wiedenheft (English). She is Hayato’s classmate and friend who works as a reporter for the school newspaper. She is interested in Hayato’s personal life and often tries to get scoops on him. She can wield the Hundred called Trickster that can create traps and barriers. She is lively, curious, and friendly.
  • Krovanh Olfred, voiced by Yuuhei Takagi (Japanese) and Chris Guerrero (English). He is Hayato’s classmate and friend who comes from a military family. He admires Hayato for his strength and skills and wants to become his rival. He can wield the Hundred called Buster Cannon that can fire explosive shells. He is hot-blooded, passionate, and loyal.
  • Mei Mei, voiced by Ayaka Imamura (Japanese) and Jad Saxton (English). She is Sakura’s manager and assistant who accompanies her everywhere. She is also a Slayer who can wield the Hundred called Puppeteer that can control dolls. She is loyal, reliable, and supportive of Sakura.
  • Reitia Saint-Émilion, voiced by Yuka Ootsubo (Japanese) and Morgan Garrett (English). She is a member of the student council and the head of the library committee. She is from France and is a descendant of a famous wine-making family. She can wield the Hundred called Grapes that can produce vines and fruits. She is shy, timid, and bookish, but also has a hidden sadistic side.

II. Anime Staff

The anime staff of Hundred are:

  • Director: Tomoki Kobayashi
  • Series Composition: Hideki Shirane
  • Character Design: Kii Tanaka
  • Music: Shuhei Naruse
  • Animation Studio: Production IMS
  • Licensed by: Crunchyroll (streaming), Funimation (home video)

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