My Isekai Life: Anime Release with a Double Episode + Trailer & Visual

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A new trailer and another visual have now been released via the official website of the series “My Isekai Life” (Jap.: “Tensei Kenja no Isekai Life”). It was also announced that the series will start with a double episode.

My Isekai Life: Anime Release Date

The anime is scheduled to premiere on July 4th, 2022. The first two episodes will be aired back-to-back.

“My Isekai Life” is being directed by Keisuke Kojima (including ” Babylon “, ” Kill la Kill “) in the REVOROOT studio. Kojima will also be responsible for character designs. He receives support from Kiytaka Suzuki (including Babylon ), who acts as Assistant Director. Naohiro Fukushima (including “I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level ”) will handle series composition, while Norihito Saitama and Gin will co-compose the music. The opening is sung by the rock band “Non Stop Rabbit” while Sura-chans sing “Gohan da yo! Dadadadan!!” will contribute to the ending.

My Isekai Life Anime Visual

My Isekai Life Anime Visual

My Isekai Life Anime Trailer

Light novel has been out since 2018

Author Shinkoshoto’s light novel has been published since 2018 with illustrations by Huuka Kazabana. The series currently consists of ten volumes. A manga adaptation of the same name penned by PONJEA has been appearing since 2018. The manga adaptation has been published since December 2021 under the title “My Isekai Life – With the help of slimes to the most powerful magician in the world” at altraverse.

My Isekai Life: Action

Yuji Sano has nothing on his mind other than work. But when his PC asks him if he wants to be summoned, he accidentally accepts the request and ends up in an unfamiliar world. There he becomes a monster tamer! With the help of his army of slimes, he gathers endless knowledge. But what about the work he left behind?