True Detective Season 4: Everything We Know

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The crime drama “True Detective” returns to HBO after a long break. Find out everything you need to know about the start, plot, trailer and cast below.

After series creator Nic Pizzolatto left the project, no one would have thought that “True Detective” would return for a season 4. Under the new creative direction of director Issa López and producer Barry Jenkins, there will be a sequel on the US channel HBO (Industry Season 3).

True Detective Season 4: Is there a release date for “True Detective: Night Country”?

There is no release date for “True Detective: Night Country” yet. We expect the new episodes here in early 2023 at the earliest.

True Detective Season 4: Storyline

True Detective Season 4
True Detective © HBO

“True Detective” was treated as an anthology series in the previous 3 seasons, always a different case with new characters. In season 4, Danvers and Navarro must face the darkness they carry and confront the haunted truths that lie buried beneath the eternal ice. The new episodes are set in Alaska.

In previous seasons, investigators often drifted into a dark past of victims and potential perpetrators. New clues brought light to the unsolved, dark murder cases, which did not let go of the investigators.

True Detective Season 4: Cast

The new investigator duo for Season 4 has already been found. Hollywood star Jodie Foster will embody the role of Detective Liz Danvers. Boxer and indie actress Kali Reis (“Catch the Fair One”) will play Detective Evangeline Navarro.

The first season, starring Matthew McConaughey (“Interstellar”) and Woody Harrelson, was a hit with critics and viewers and won a total of five Emmys. Season 2, starring Colin Farrell (“The North Water”), Vince Vaughn (“F Is for Family”) and Rachel McAdams, on the other hand, was seen as a disappointment.

True Detective” last aired in 2019 with Season 3, which starred Mahershala Ali (“Marvel’s Luke Cage”) and Stephen Dorff.

True Detective Season 4: Production

Online magazine Deadline reports that season 4 of the gritty crime series will see some changes. After series creator Nic Pizzolatto did have some ideas for a sequel after the end of Season 3, he left the project to work again with McConaughey on “Redeemer,” whose production, however, the network FX has stopped.

So Pizzolatto is not involved in the production of the 4th season. Instead, the network is relying on Mexican director Issa López, who previously directed “True Detective,” for “Night Country.” López will also serve as a writer and executive producer. In addition, Oscar winner Barry Jenkins (“The Underground Railroad,” “Moonlight”) is another executive producer on board.

Is there a trailer for “True Detective: Night Country”?

So far, there is no trailer or footage that we could show at this point. Should a first teaser be released, you will find it here.

True Detective Season 3 Trailer

True Detective: Season 3 | Official Trailer | HBO