Succession Season 4: Alan Ruck on the Emotional Turmoil Logan Roy’s Death

Actor Alan Ruck Shares His Experience with the Emotional Aftermath of Logan's Death on Succession

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The already iconic third episode of the fourth season of Succession has left fans of the show reeling after the sudden death of patriarch Logan Roy. While his children scrambled to take control of Waystar Royco, one character’s reaction stood out: Connor Roy, played by Alan Ruck.

Connor Roy is the eldest son of Logan Roy and his first wife, Caroline. He’s a self-proclaimed “presidential candidate” who has never had much interest in the family business. When we first meet Connor in season one, he’s living on a ranch in New Mexico, far away from the Roy family drama.

Despite his distance from the business, Connor is desperate for his father’s approval. He sees himself as the family’s intellectual and hopes to gain Logan’s respect by running for president. However, his father’s disinterest in his political aspirations leaves him feeling unimportant and unloved.

When Connor finds out about his father’s death, he’s in the middle of his crisis – he’s just gotten married to his girlfriend, Willa, and is dealing with the fallout presidential campaign.

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In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Alan Ruck discussed his character’s reaction to the news: “This is the thing that has been foremost in Connor’s mind, I’ve got to get the old man to be proud of me, I’ve got to get the old man to admire me, to say ‘well done,’ to put his arm around me and tell me that he loves me. That’s what he’s desperate [for].”

Despite this, Connor’s reaction to the news isn’t what fans might have expected. Rather than breaking down in tears, he seems stunned and almost numb. Ruck explained: “I thought, I don’t think I would have burst into tears immediately, and been inconsolable, and a big puddle on the ground. I just think it was a moment of shock…he just blurted out a naked truth.”

With only a few episodes left of Succession, fans eagerly anticipate the fallout from Logan’s death. The show’s intricate web of power dynamics and familial relationships is sure to be thrown into chaos, leaving the Roy family to navigate this monumental event’s emotional and professional aftermath.

The characters will surely be forced to confront their mortality and the legacy they leave behind. The upcoming episodes will be a rollercoaster of emotions as the characters grapple with grief, betrayal, and their desires for power and control.

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Succession has always been a show about power struggles and family dynamics, and Logan’s death has thrown those dynamics into chaos. With Kendall and Shiv both vying for control of the company and Roman seemingly happy to sit back and watch the chaos unfold, it’s anyone’s guess who will come out on top.

As the highly acclaimed show Succession approaches its final season, fans are on the edge of their seats, wondering if the Roy family will be able to reconcile their issues and unite or if their insatiable desires and lust for power will ultimately lead to their downfall. The fate of the Roy family hangs in the balance, and viewers eagerly anticipate the series’ resolution.

This iconic episode of Succession has left fans on the edge of their seats as they await the next twist in the Roy family’s story. Connor’s reaction to his father’s death has added another layer of complexity to an already intricate storyline. As the show draws to a close, it remains to be seen how the Roy family will navigate the power struggles and family dynamics that have defined the series. One thing is for sure – fans can’t wait to find out.

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