Kim Kardashian Joins American Horror Story Season 12: What We Know So Far

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Kim Kardashian, the reality star, entrepreneur, podcaster, and pop culture icon, is set to join the cast of FX’s American Horror Story for its upcoming 12th season. This marks Kardashian’s most high-profile acting role to date, with the role being specifically written for her by the show’s creator, Ryan Murphy. The new season, titled “Delicate,” will also feature returning AHS star Emma Roberts and will be written and showrun by a single writer, Halley Feiffer.

Kim Kardashian’s involvement in the upcoming season of American Horror Story has been a topic of much discussion since last summer when Murphy and Kardashian began discussing the possibility of creating a unique role for her scripted TV debut. The news was officially announced in a statement by Murphy, followed by a tease on Kardashian’s Instagram.

American Horror Story Season 12: Plot

For the first time in its history, the next season of American Horror Story will be partly based on source material. This season is titled “Delicate” and takes inspiration from Danielle Valentine’s upcoming novel “Delicate Condition.” The novel tells the story of a woman who becomes convinced that someone is trying to prevent her from getting pregnant, and it’s a thrilling read. The show will be using this source material to give a modern and feminist twist to the classic horror story “Rosemary’s Baby,” as mentioned in a blurb by author Andrea Bartz.

Kim Kardashian and AHS Stunt Casting

Kim Kardashian American Horror Story Cast
Lady Gaga in American Horror Story: Hotel © FX

American Horror Story has a reputation for its stunt casting, featuring well-known actors and celebrities in its various seasons. From the likes of Jessica Lange, who appeared in season one, to Lady Gaga’s highly acclaimed performance in season five, AHS has consistently featured big names. Emma Roberts, who has been a part of the AHS rotating cast since 2013’s “Coven,” is set to return for the upcoming season. The show’s creator, Ryan Murphy, has tapped Halley Feiffer to showrun the new season. Feiffer has written for other popular shows such as “Dear Edward,” “Roar,” “Kidding,” and Murphy’s series “Impeachment: American Crime Story.”

Kim Kardashian’s involvement in the upcoming season of American Horror Story is one of the most significant casting decisions in the show’s history. The role was created specifically for Kim Kardashian by Murphy, who praised her as “among the biggest and brightest television stars in the world.” With Kim Kardashian’s massive following on social media, her participation in AHS is a massive win for the network. Her presence alone can generate significant buzz and anticipation for the new season, and her role in the show is sure to attract a broader audience.

Moreover, this decision by Kim Kardashian strengthens her connection with Disney, where she launched her family’s reality show “The Kardashians” on Hulu just a year ago. Hulu is also the main digital platform for FX, which is another Disney property. Kardashian’s involvement in AHS is a significant coup for the network, and it shows how the streaming service Hulu has become an essential part of Disney’s overall strategy.

As production for the upcoming season begins in New York City in April 2023, fans of the show are eagerly anticipating an exact premiere date. The new season, titled “Delicate,” promises to be unlike anything American Horror Story has ever done. With the combination of Kardashian’s high-profile status and the show’s history of stunt casting, the new season is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated in the show’s history. The upcoming season’s success is sure to be a testament to the show’s ability to remain relevant and innovative in the ever-changing landscape of television.

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