The Walking Dead Season 11: Episode 23 explained – two characters are in mortal danger shortly before the finale!

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In The Walking Dead season 11, episode 23 it gets dicey for our favorite characters. Two of them are badly injured. Can they survive the turmoil in the Commonwealth?

  • In episode 23 of “The Walking Dead,” things get dicey for the ex-Alexandrians.
  • A riot in the Commonwealth makes for a heartbreaking scene between Daryl and Judith.
  • Things are also bad for Lydia.

The penultimate episode of “The Walking Dead” begins with a flashback to the Grimes family. Judith Grimes concludes the scenes with the realization that this is not the future her brother would have wanted and not the one her mother and father fought for. At least not yet. So the young girl has big plans.

Meanwhile, we see Mercer bring Eugene back to Max and Yumiko. Together they make plans to finally overthrow Pamela Milton. Mercer plans to attack Pamela with a few Commonwealth soldiers sympathetic to his cause. But he is betrayed by Colonel Vickers, who has it in for Mercer’s post.

At the same time, a huge horde of zombies is heading straight for the Commonwealth – there’s sure to be a big battle in the grand finale next week. Meanwhile, Maggie and Negan clash once again. But when she overhears him in a conversation with Ezekiel professing to have changed and to want to do the right thing, her image of her husband’s killer seems to change a bit. Is this the preparation for her spin-off “Dead City”?

Aaron, Lydia and Jerry among the undead

Aaron, Lydia, Jerry, Luke, Jules and Elijah, meanwhile, try to mingle Whisperer-style with the herd of zombies heading for Commonwealth. In fact, it’s even Commonwealth soldiers who are leading the undead there. However, the group around Aaron doesn’t want to get too close to the city, and tries to separate from the herd.

They want to take shelter in a trailer, but Jules, Luke and Elijah get separated from the group. Aaron, Jerry and Lydia are able to escape into the trailer, but Lydia is bitten on the forearm. Jerry and Aaron amputate it without further ado.

Was that it with Judith?

Daryl, Carol, Judith and a few other residents are suddenly attacked in the Commonwealth station. Pamela Milton’s soldiers fire at them, even Pamela herself interferes. In the process, however, she hits Judith in the shoulder/chest area. Pamela pauses in shock, but Daryl quickly takes the girl in his arms and brings her outside. Will she survive?

On November 21, 2022, you’ll see the big series finale of “The Walking Dead” on Disney+.

The Walking Dead Season 11: Part 3 starts on Disney+ – then the series finale rises

The Walking Dead Season 11: Episode 23 explained - two characters are in mortal danger shortly before the finale!
The Walking Dead Season 11 © AMC

Part 3 of the 11th season of “The Walking Dead” starts on Disney+. From October 3, a new episode will start weekly on the streaming service. Also, the series finale of “The Walking Dead” can be seen already on Disney+ from November 20, 2022.

The 11th season of “The Walking Dead” is starting its final third, bringing the final episode of the zombie series ever closer. On these dates, the final episodes of the series start.

That those who are dead live longer is an important basic rule in “The Walking Dead” that helps the living survive. After 11 seasons, however, the AMC series itself will probably be laid to rest: with the third part of the repeatedly paused last season, the final episodes of the hit series will premiere on Disney+.

The first episode of the last third of season 11 will start on October 3, 2022, and the remaining seven episodes will then go online on Disney+ at weekly intervals. Until November 21, 2022 – that’s when the big series finale of “The Walking Dead” is scheduled.

And even if the main narrative comes to an end, the TWD franchise is definitely not really dead in view of the spin-offs and sequels that have already been created and are still possible – just as you would expect from sensible zombie content.

The Walking Dead Season 11: The last episodes come to Disney+

The Walking Dead Season 11: Episode 23 explained - two characters are in mortal danger shortly before the finale!
The Walking Dead Season 11 © AMC

October 3, 2022: Season 11, Episode 17
Oct. 10, 2022: Season 11, episode 18
Oct. 17, 2022: Season 11, episode 19
October 24, 2022: Season 11, Episode 20
October 31, 2022: Season 11, Episode 21
November 7, 2022: Season 11, Episode 22
November 21, 2022: Season 11, Episode 24 (Finale)

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