Percy Jackson 3: Can we still hope for a film sequel?

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The film adaptations of the popular series of books for young people about the demigod Percy Jackson didn’t quite have the success we had hoped for. What about Percy Jackson 3?

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief” was the first novel about the son of Poseidon and the mortal Sally Jackson. The theatrical release of the film of the same name took place in 2010 and featured some stars in the cast: Uma Thurman as Medusa and Pierce Brosnan as Chiron played alongside lead actor Logan Lerman. The second film adaptation, “Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters”, was released in theaters three years later. Together, the two films grossed about 426 million U.S. dollars, with a budget of 90 to 95 million each.

By Hollywood standards, these revenues don’t necessarily cry out for film 3, and there was also some criticism from author Rick Riordan and fans: the “Percy Jackson” film series adheres far too loosely to the books, according to the tenor. Despite long hopes, “Percy Jackson 3” is no longer to be expected, but fans will soon be getting more of the young demigod. Those who prefer to delve deeper into the books can do so with the following box set:

Percy Jackson 3 is not coming: New series instead of film sequel

It’s been ten years since the last “Percy Jackson” film, and “Under the Spell of the Cyclops” will probably remain the last big-screen adventure for the time being. Another sequel is currently not conceivable, but a (film) reboot could still await us at some point.

Nevertheless, fans currently have reason to rejoice, because the new “Percy Jackson” series is in the starting blocks: Starting December 20, 2023, you can tune in to Disney+ for new divine adventures. The series does not continue the film story, but re-films the novel series from the beginning. As far as we know, each season will cover one volume, so the series has the potential to be a bit longer-lived.

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