The Walking Dead Season 11: Will Rick Grimes appear in the season 11 finale?

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The Walking Dead season 11 might actually have Rick Grimes show up in the finale. Find out why a return of Andrew Lincoln would be the perfect transition to the spin-offs.

  • Andrew Lincoln will return to “The Walking Dead” universe as Rick Grimes.
  • But could we see Rick again as early as the finale of “The Walking Dead” season 11?
  • A return would be the perfect conclusion and an explanation for the plot of the further spin-offs.

After the departure of Andrew Lincoln from “The Walking Dead“, it was actually ruled out that Rick Grimes will appear again in the series. There was constant talk of the planned TWD movies, and it was emphasized that Rick would no longer appear in the series.

But with the cancellation of the feature films and the announcement of the Rick and Michonne spin-off, the cards seem to have been reshuffled. An appearance by Rick and also Michonne in the grand finale of “The Walking Dead” would actually be the best decision the series creators could make with regard to their ever-growing franchise.

After all, we know that veteran TWD fans would like nothing more than to see Rick return. For days, “Rick Grimes” trended on Twitter ahead of the legendary panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2022, and speculation was rife as to whether Andrew Lincoln would announce his return.

But an appearance in the main series will be somewhat difficult to implement. Many years have passed in the series universe since Rick was kidnapped by Jadis and the Civic Republic Military. Again, much time has passed since Michonne set out to find Rick, without much announcement of what her plans are.

Here’s how Rick Grimes might return to “The Walking Dead”

Daryl and company have their hands full with the Commonwealth and its attack on Alexandria. How does Rick still fit into the picture without distracting too much from the current main storyline? The easiest way would be to show him in the final closing scene.

His appearance could also be the perfect template for the two spin-offs around Daryl and Maggie and Negan. After all, why would Daryl take the exceedingly dangerous journey to Europe in the zombie apocalypse? Why would arch-enemies Maggie and Negan allow themselves to be talked into a joint mission in New York?

Rick Grimes as the connecting piece of the spin-offs

The common denominator has always been Rick Grimes. If both Daryl and Maggie and Negan were given clues about Rick’s survival and Michonne’s search for him, they could be sent on missions to track down the CRM and its allies, for example.

In the case of the Daryl spinoff, we even already know that he’s traveling to France, the place where either the entire apocalypse originated, or at least the superzombies that become the subject of The Walking Dead season 11. There is also a connection to the CRM through the final scene of “The Walking Dead: World Beyond.”

Of course, it would also be a bit of fanservice on the part of the TWD makers to have Rick appear in the finale of “The Walking Dead,” but that way they could create an ending that would also whet the appetites of longtime fans for the numerous spin-offs to come.

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The Walking Dead Season 11: Will Rick Grimes appear in the season 11 finale?
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