The Walking Dead Season 11: episode 21 explained – this is how terrible the Commonwealth is

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The Walking Dead season 11 shows in episode 21 where Negan and Co. have been kidnapped. The Commonwealth is at its darkest, and Maggie and Co.’s children are in danger.

  • In episode 21 of “The Walking Dead” season 11, Negan and Co. end up in a Commonwealth labor camp.
  • Daryl, Carol and co. try to save her and the kids before it’s too late.

The former Alexandrians who settled in the Commonwealth have been kidnapped. In episode 21 of “The Walking Dead” season 11, Maggie, Gabriel and Rosita find themselves in a jeep with a sack over their heads.

Maggie wakes up first from her sedation and is able to free herself and the other two because her guard is asleep. While Gabriel and Rosita are able to jump out of the jeep, Maggie is yanked back at the last second. But she can shoot the soldiers and the jeep crashes into a tree.

A caravan of other jeeps pulls past Maggie. Her friends and family are in the car. Gabriel and Rosita passed out from jumping out of the jeep and only wake up when they are almost eaten by strays.

Negan and Co. end up in a labor camp

Meanwhile, Ezekiel, Negan, Kelly and Annie wake up and wonder where Gabriel, Rosita and Maggie might be. A man enters their bus and orders them to follow the rules or they would never see their children again. Rule number 1 is: Nobody has a name.

Designation 2 does not mean anything good

Negan’s group is split up, Annie has to be sent to another location. Maggie continues to travel alone while Gabriel and Rosita struggle through together.

Meanwhile, Daryl and Carol watch the train coming into camp delivering jeeps and motorcycles. So they also get that Connie is being taken to a “Designation 2” by train. The children should also be brought to this place. Daryl and Carol follow the train by stealing a jeep.

Not far away, Maggie hears the train whistle and is able to kill a Commonwealth soldier who appears nearby on a motorcycle. She is also being followed all the time by a child zombie, whom she now kills as well. Daryl and Carol find Maggie holding the child zombie in her arms. Suddenly Gabriel and Rosita appear.

Daryl sees that the Commonwealth soldier isn’t dead and questions him about the train’s destination. He reveals that the others are now working on a train route in exile and they must follow the train to find it. Also, he says that anyone who ends up in “Designation 2” will never be seen again.

The situation escalates in the work camp. Three people try to escape but are shot dead by the guards. Meanwhile, the train gets stuck because a switch isn’t working. The train driver radios the Outpost 22 to ask for help. But he is abruptly interrupted by Carol, who points a gun in his face.

Alexandria is Outpost 22

There is a brief fight with other Commonwealth soldiers, but Daryl and company are able to eliminate them. The train driver finally reveals that there is a map on the train that they can use to orient themselves. He subsequently kills himself, fearing the punishment he would face if someone found out he helped them.

Meanwhile, at work camp, Negan forms a plan. Together with Ezekiel and the others he wants to initiate an uprising. But it doesn’t look like Negan will get away with this plan alive.

Meanwhile, Rosita radios Outpost 22. She is given directions to Alexandria, the place Governor Pamela Milton made Outpost 22.

Only three episodes of “The Walking Dead” will air. The big series finale awaits you on November 21, 2022 on Disney+.

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