The Walking Dead Season 11: The secret connection between Lance Hornsby and the CRM

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In The Walking Dead Season 11, Episode 18, Lance Hornsby hints at a connection to very powerful Commonwealth partners. Is he making common cause with the CRM?

  • In episode 18 of The Walking Dead season 11, Pamela Milton expels Lance Hornsby from the Commonwealth.
  • But the latter threatens that important allies of the Commonwealth will then turn against Pamela.
  • It is very likely that Lance will make common cause with the CRM.

The Walking Dead” has long established the Civic Republic Military as the unifying element between all spin-offs from the TWD universe. In episode 18 of season 11, it is now also revealed that the Commonwealth is probably making common cause with the CRM.

After Commonwealth Governor Pamela Milton removes her henchman Lance Hornsby from office to make her son Sebastian, as well as herself, look good again. Hornsby warns his ex-boss, “You still need me. If something happens to me, certain Commonwealth allies, certain stabilizing factors, are probably going to be a problem.”

We already know from the spinoff “The Walking Dead: World Beyond” that the CRM serves the Civic Republic, a vast union of survivors that dwarfs even the Commonwealth, which has a population of 50,000. Nearly 250,000 people live in its capital: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The spin-off also reveals that the Civic Republic was in an alliance of three communities represented by the three rings logo. In addition to the Civic Republic, Portland and the Omaha Safe Zone are also part of the alliance. At least until the CRM destroyed the Omaha Safe-Zone when they became too much of a problem for the CR.

For any communities that prove to be a threat to the CR are destroyed by the CRM and their resources are annexed into the CR. The CR sees itself as the “Last Light of the World” and wants to find an antidote for the zombie virus. In doing so, it does not shy away from experimenting on humans – a reason for Rick’s abduction and Jadis’ deal with the CRM.

It is unlikely that a military force as well-trained as the CRM would have yet to discover a community as large as the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth would be a perfect source of resources for the CR, but Lance Hornsby appears to have negotiated certain agreements with the CR. It is also possible that Lance is supplying the CRM with humans for their experiments, as is Jadis.

On the TWD talk show “Talking Dead,” Scott M. Gimple, the TWD content chief, mysteriously answered the question of whether the CRM knows about the Commonwealth: “We’ll see the answer to that in [Season 11 of] The Walking Dead. I don’t want to spoil it. But we’re going to find out. I’ve probably already spoiled it by giving that answer.”

So it’s safe to say that the CRM will show up in the remaining episodes of “The Walking Dead” season 11, and the Commonwealth will have some problems as a result.

The Walking Dead Season 11: Part 3 starts on Disney+ – then the series finale rises

The Walking Dead Season 11: The secret connection between Lance Hornsby and the CRM
The Walking Dead Season 11 © AMC

Part 3 of the 11th season of “The Walking Dead” starts on Disney+. From October 3, a new episode will start weekly on the streaming service. Also, the series finale of “The Walking Dead” can be seen already on Disney+ from November 20, 2022.

The Walking Dead season 11 is starting its final third, bringing the final episode of the zombie series ever closer. On these dates, the final episodes of the series start.

That those who are dead live longer is an important basic rule in “The Walking Dead” that helps the living survive. After 11 seasons, however, the AMC series itself will probably be laid to rest: with the third part of the repeatedly paused last season, the final episodes of the hit series will premiere on Disney+.

The first episode of the last third of The Walking Dead season 11 will start on October 3, 2022, and the remaining seven episodes will then go online on Disney+ at weekly intervals. Until November 21, 2022 – that’s when the big series finale of “The Walking Dead” is scheduled.

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