Love Victor: Hulu releases first trailer for season 3 of dramedy series

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The dramedy series “Love, Victor” returns for season 3 to the streaming services Hulu and Disney+. The first trailer for the final episodes has just been released.

  • The dramedy series “Love, Victor” is getting a 3rd season from streaming service Hulu. However, this is the final season of the series.
  • The new episodes will be released in summer 2022. The streaming service has just released the first trailer.
  • In Season 3, Victor must figure out who he wants to be with, who he wants to be, and what he wants to do after high school.

Love, Victor is returning to Hulu and Disney+ for Season 3 soon . Unfortunately, this is the final season of the dramedy series. The series creators have just released a first trailer that gives you a foretaste of the final episodes.

Love Victor Season 3: Release Date

The dramedy series returns to streaming service Hulu this summer. The final episodes will be released on June 15th. All eight episodes will be released at once. Seasons 1 and 2 were shown eight and 12 months later on Disney+.

Love Victor Season 3: Trailer

Hulu have released the first trailer for the new episodes. In it, the relationship between Victor and Benji is still strained. Benji first wants to solve his problems, and he does it alone. There are also some new relationships in the new season that cause embarrassing situations.

Love Victor Season 3: Storyline

In Season 2 , Victor came out to his family and started a real relationship with his first boyfriend, Benji. But in the end he was torn between Benji and Rahim. The finale ended with Victor appearing to choose between the two, running to either Benji’s or Rahim’s house. But viewers never got to see which potential lover opened the door.

In Season 3, Victor will not only decide who he wants to be with, but also who he wants to be. As he and his friends grapple with their plans for life after high school, they are faced with a new set of problems that they must solve in order to make the best decisions for their future, according to US magazine TV Line.

Love Victor Season 3: Cast

Also in the new episodes we will see Michael Cimino (“Annabelle 3”) as Victor again. Also returning are Rachel Hilson as Mia Brooks, George Sear as Benji Campbell, Bebe Wood as Lake Meriwether, Ana Ortiz as Victor’s mother Isabel, James Martinez (“Queen of the South”) as Victor’s father Armando, Isabella Ferreira as Victors Sister Pilar and Mateo Fernandez as Victor’s brother Adrian.

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