The Lord of the Rings – The Rings of Power: This is the mission of the three mystics with the white cloaks

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In the final 8th episode of “The Rings of Power“, the mysterious, sinister white hooded women are finally fully revealed. What are their motives and why are they chasing the stranger?

Episode 8 of “The Rings of Power” finally reveals to us the goal of the mysterious figures who are in search of the Stranger. The mystics will stop at nothing to find him and reveal more about who they are themselves when they confront their supposed “master”.

The identity and goal of the three mystics

Since their appearance, the three mystics are referred to in the credits as “The Dweller” played by Bridie Sisson, “The Nomad” played by Edith Poor and “The Ascetic” played by Kali Kopae. Their song in the official soundtrack is titled “The Mystics”. Not much else was known about them for a long time.

In the course of the final episodes of “The Rings of Power” we saw more and more of the Mystics. Especially their leader has enormous magical powers and can control fire. Now we know that the three were on a quest to find the Stranger, not to destroy him, but to serve him.

The three mystics reveal themselves to the Stranger as followers of Sauron. They have come from Rhun to serve the Stranger, in whom they see their Dark Master. They show him the extent of his power and want to teach him to use it and to strengthen it again.

By whom they were sent is unclear, as well as whether there are more of their kind. It is possible that there is a whole sect of Sauron servants with supernatural powers, who are searching for the missing Dark Lord.

The bitter fate of the mystics

The Mystics only pursued the Harfeet and Nori Brandybuck because they were on the trail of the Stranger. When they finally find and capture him, Nori and Sadoc Lochner rush to help. Together they manage to free the stranger again, who helps them defeat the mystics.

The mystics then realize that the stranger is not their master Sauron, but one of the Istari. The stranger is able to extinguish the fire of “the dweller” and easily takes on the remaining acolytes.

The stranger reveals himself to be a wizard and uses the staff of one of the mystics as a catalyst for his powerful magic. With it, the evil agents from Rhun are rendered harmless in a brilliant surge of light and transformed into moths.

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