Outlander Ends with Season 8: Viewers are furious – “I’m not ready for this”

The day had to come someday, but it still hurts fans: “Outlander” will end after Season 8. And the fans of the hit series mourn Jamie, Claire and Co. on social media.

In recent weeks and months, there were actually only reasons for “Outlander” fans to rejoice: A first teaser trailer revealed that Outlander season 7 will start soon, and several returnees were confirmed, including a real series favorite. But the good mood should be gone at the latest now. Because as announced on the official Instagram account of “Outlander”, the hit series will not only be extended for an 8th season. It will also be the last at the same time.

In the short Instagram video (see below), the “Outlander” stars, including of course the two main actors Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe thank the fans and rave about the many years they were allowed to work on the series. The Jamie actor even says, “We love you, ‘Outlander’ fans!” But then he also appends, “Every good story has to end.”

And as euphoric as the video may be. “Outlander” fans are mourning the series’ end, as their comments show. But some are also pretty pissed off.

“Outlander” fans are sad and angry about series exit

For example, one fan wrote in the comments under the Instagram post, “I’m not crying, you guys are. Yay for season 8 but I’m not ready for it to end!” Another comments, “Finale is not what we like to read.” Also getting emotional is this fan, “Wow! I knew this day would come but I not ready for it. The series changed my life!” But mixed in with the sadness is anger. For example, someone writes, “What the hell? Last season??” And other fans raise an important point: “Noooo, there’s still so much to tell!” – “Why finale???? We have nine books by now!”

The objection is valid. So far, each season has been based on one book of Diana Gabaldon’s “Highland” saga. In 2021, the ninth volume to date was published. Will season 8 then only include the eighth book – or the ninth as well? The final season is supposed to span only ten episodes. Fans are right to wonder how the story of Jamie and Claire will be told. Diana Gabaldon is also currently working on the tenth book in the series. Will Briana (Sophie Skelton) and Roger (Richard Rankin) then possibly get their own series?

Either way, the 8th season of “Outlander” won’t be the end of the story. A prequel series, “Blood of My Blood,” is currently in the works that will tell the story of Jamie’s parents. Whether that will be enough consolation remains to be seen.