The Rings of Power: How does Sauron become the Eye in The Lord of the Rings?

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The Rings of Power” reveals Halbrand’s character as Sauron. But this still has a different form than in the “The Lord of the Rings” films. How does he become the dark, all-seeing Eye of Sauron?

  • Halbrand is revealed as Sauron.
  • However, the “Lord of the Gifts” has many forms.
  • However, how does Sauron become the Dark Eye from “The Lord of the Rings” films?

The final episode of “The Rings of Power” showed us the true nature of Halbrand. Galadriel confronts the supposed human king and reveals his true identity as Sauron. Although he does not see himself as the successor of Morgoth, he still strives for world domination.

For movie fans, however, he still seems to look distinctly different. As the series progresses, how does Sauron become the armor-clad monster and finally the lidless Dark Eye high above Mordor?

A master of many forms

Originally, before the First Age, Sauron was a maia called Mairon. As a spirit being, he possessed extraordinary powers and was meant to serve the Valar gods. Taught by Aule, the Vala of Craft and Blacksmithing, however, Sauron was soon corrupted by the Dark Enemy and corrupted Vala Morgoth.

As supreme commander of Morgoth, Sauron brought war upon the Elven realms of Beleriand. During this time, he ruled over numerous orcs and trolls from his own fortress on the island of the werewolves Tol Sirion. He used his magical and shape-shifting abilities to transform himself into both a giant wolf and a vampire-like bat. Since that time, Sauron has also been known as “the Shapeshifter”.

The two-faced gift-bringer

After the fall of Morgoth, Sauron fled. In the Second Age, however, when all saw themselves at peace, he returned and chose a new form for himself. As Annatar the Giftbringer, he showed himself to the Elves. As we see in “The Rings of Power,” he hid his true identity and led them to forge the Rings of Power.

Secretly in his domain in Mordor, however, he forged the One Ring to subjugate all others. He then waged devastating wars against the Elves and Eregion and Men of Númenor.

In captivity, he even rose to become the highest advisor to the reigning Númenor king, Ar-Pharazon. With lies and manipulation, he corrupted the king and the entire human nation, leading to their downfall.

A sinister machine of destruction

Only the Last Alliance of Elves and Men (and Dwarves) could confront Sauron together. On the slopes of Mount Doom, Elrond, Gil-Galad and Elendil faced off against the master of the Dark Land, who appeared in a heavily armored, black, monstrous form. Isildur finally succeeded in cutting the One Ring from Sauron’s finger with Narsil, his father’s blade, thus ending the war.

This sealed Sauron’s downfall, who put so much of his life and power essence into the Ring that he could not survive without it. He disappeared from Middle Earth and lost all physical form.

Disembodied Return as The Eye of Sauron

For a thousand years Sauron did not show his face on Middle-earth. There were only remnants of his rule and whispers of his return. First he showed himself again in his old fortress Dol Guldur in the Bleak Forest as a necromancer.

The Rings of Power
The Lord of the Rings – The Rings of Power: In Mordor, Sauron will take the form of the Eye and be able to see everything © Amazon Prime Video

Since his attempt to destroy the Elves and Dwarves of Rhovanion failed, he fled again to Mordor. It was here that he finally assumed his most prominent form and also his last. The dark, fiery red Eye of Sauron towered over the rebuilt fortress of Barad-Dur.

As the Eye, however, Sauron could not directly intervene in a physical form and walk on Middle Earth. At least not as long as he did not recover the One Ring. However, he can so much better survey the land, its allies and enemies, and is a constant presence to all who walk Mordor and its borders.

His shadow hung over Middle Earth again and even in a disembodied form posed a great threat to all peoples. When Frodo and Sam manage to cast the One Ring into the fires of Mount Doom, it seals Sauron’s downfall.

All his dark influence vanishes and the Eye implodes in a tremendous shockwave. His fifth defeat is final. Now he can never again take any form in Middle Earth and returns to the void. For some of his remaining followers, however, the Eye of Sauron will remain an iconic, cultic symbol of their master.

In season 2 of “The Rings of Mach,” we will definitely see Sauron again. The only question is: in what form?

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