The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 Part-2 Preview: Expect some TWIST in second part

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The popular Netflix drama The Lincoln Lawyer has already amazed fans with another edgy case and some courtroom drama. As season 1 was a major success, fans were demanding that will season 2 of the legal drama be renewed. After 2022 of The Lincoln Lawyer debut, finally, the show is back with season 2. Lots of drama, comedy, and action is about to entrail you to the courtroom; as Mickey Haller is coming with his Lincoln.

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The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 Part-2: Preview

The second of season 2 will show why Mickey Haller was attacked in his parking lot. As the last episode left us with anxiety and how he talked to Loura when she and Cisco were driving to some place for dinner. Why was he attacked and who is trying to get Lisa framed for getting sentenced to 16 years in jail? All the questions will be answered.

Firstly Mickey has to make it up to Loura for his selfish behavior. Loura is disheartened by the way Mickey talked to her. She has been juggling the best day of her life, doing Mickey’s paper works and also doing her law altogether without any complaints. She doesn’t deserve to be talked to her like that.

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The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2Release date

Earlier we came to know that Lincoln Lawyer season 2 is set to be in two parts. The first part was released yesterday i.e. 6 July and the second part is coming in August 3. It is set to have 10 episodes but as the show is going to be in two parts, then in the first part 5 episodes might come, and the next five in the season part.

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Mickey Haller took a hard nut when it comes to publicity but this season The Lincoln Lawyer is taking the public eye a good PR. He got the fame from Trevor Elliot’s case and now his office is filled with tons of paperwork and cases. He is featured on television, newspapers, and TIME for being the hottest attorney in LA. Well… nobody would say no to it.

As the season proceeds, Mickey is seen now and then trying to win over his wife’s trust to give their broken marriage another chance but things don’t seem to fall into place. A Puerto Rican chef gives compliments for being a guest at her restaurant. One thing leads to another and both make the bed and scene steamy for us. Mickey is happy life has taken a turn for his second wife Loura, Cisco, and Izzy.

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 Part-2 Preview: Expect some TWIST in second part

Lisa who owns a Latin-Asian restaurant and is now Mickey Haller’s girlfriend (things are complicated for her) is arrested by LAPD for a high-profile murder case of a businessman who had a tiff with her. Mickey now has to get Lisa out and evidences prove that she could have committed the crime.

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As the case moves further, Lisa has to stake her restaurant for raising money for her bail with is two million. Mickey is trying to pull all the strings and suddenly someone pays out for her bail. Mickey is suspicious of Henry and smells smoke in his deed.

You can watch The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 on Netflix.

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