Purple Hearts Ending, Explained: Do Cassie and Luke Stay Married?

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The love story “Purple Hearts” on Netflix makes use of the enemies-to-lovers cliche to further its plot. It features two characters, Cassie and Luke, who originate from diverse origins, have various cognitive processes, and have various life objectives. Their paths diverge as they try to go in different directions, giving them a singular, risky, yet effective solution to their problems.

The music in the movie is excellent, and it has a lot of heart and soul. Additionally, it makes the audience concerned about the characters since if their secret is revealed, both of their careers could be over. We wonder if they’ll make it through the storm and keep to their original plan of breaking up when things become difficult, or if they’ll encounter a number of other issues along the way. We’ve got you covered if you’re interested in learning how Cassie and Luke’s story ends.

Spoilers ahead!

Purple Hearts Plot Synopsis

Purple Hearts Ending, Explained: Do Cassie and Luke Stay Married?
Purple Hearts © Netflix

Cassie performs with her band while working at a pub. She also works as a delivery person and teaches the daughter of her landlord how to play the piano to avoid getting kicked out of her flat. As if that weren’t enough, her Type I diabetes causes her to accrue a mountain of medical debt that she is unable to pay. She requires insulin to survive, but it is too expensive for her to obtain because her insurance does not cover it.

When she learns that marrying a Marine will provide her with the insurance and financial protection to prevent her from passing away, she finds a solution to this conundrum. Luke proves to be a good match for her. He recently enlisted and is prepared for his initial tour of duty in Iraq. Only a few weeks remain before his departure. Additionally, he owes money to his former drug dealer. He is forced to marry and take advantage of the advantages that come with it because his family avoids him.

Cassie and Luke appear to be a match made in heaven, but the problem is that they are extremely dissimilar individuals. Thankfully, Luke’s time in Iraq creates the necessary gap between them, enabling them to form a bond that is tested when Luke returns home injured. They must now continue their hoax in order to avoid having their secret revealed and being charged with a crime.

Purple Hearts Ending: Do Luke and Cassie Stay Married?

Purple Hearts Ending, Explained: Do Cassie and Luke Stay Married?
Purple Hearts © Netflix

For Luke and Cassie, things had always been a little unpredictable. The first time they met, both of them made assumptions about the other that ruined the conversation. They would have preferred to avoid one another if it weren’t for their respective desperate causes. It was a union of convenience for both of them as well as a last-ditch effort to preserve their own lives. Even though they experienced a level of closeness and understanding they never would have imagined possible during the course of their marriage, it seemed as though things would eventually return to the same state.

Despite their disagreements, they look out for one another more in times of need than in good health. Luke takes care of Cassie after she almost loses consciousness due to her diabetes, while Cassie helps Luke recuperate from his injuries. As a result of their growing intimacy, they are able to deceive everyone about the genuine nature of their marriage. Then, though, Luke’s background stirs things up and destroys their phony union.

Johnno, his former drug dealer, starts badgering him about the money he still owes. It turns out that Luke started using narcotics after his mother passed away. He stole a costly car that had been brought into his father’s shop for maintenance one day because he was so needy. Additionally, he wrecked it. Luke had to borrow some money from Johnno after his father urged him to get the money back.

Luke begins to earn more money once he marries Cassie, which enables him to begin paying Johnno back gradually. Then, though, he sustains an injury, which halts the payments. Johnno intrudes on Cassie’s mother’s home to serve as a reminder of the debt. Luke resolves to pay off the entire amount after realizing the threat his actions will pose to Cassie. However, he also beats Johnno up a little bit, and Johnno responds by telling Cassie’s mother the truth about their marriage. Additionally, he outs Luke to his superiors, which results in his arrest and court martial. Both he and Cassie believe that their relationship has altered significantly from how it was at the beginning before he stands in court.

Before, Cassie never would have believed Luke could become her inspiration. She writes songs about him, and as a result, her band’s popularity soars and they become well-known in the music business.

None of the songs she had previously written had the emotional depth of the ones she created when picturing Luke. Cassie turns out to be a source of motivation and support for Luke, whose family had shunned him ever since his drug problems grew out of control and caused them to go into difficulties. While pretending to wish to end their marriage, she actually makes an attempt to lift his spirits and support him while he heals from his wound. Even gets him a dog from her!

Luke ultimately gives up his entire career to keep Cassie on her successful path. She had begun to land jobs that were seriously advancing her career. He doesn’t want her to go to prison now since doing so would negate everything she has worked for over the years. He admits all responsibility during the hearing in order to keep Cassie out of a civil trial. He receives a six-month sentence for it, after which he will be let go for misbehaving.

Cassie plays at The Hollywood Bowl as he gets ready for jail. She discovers that she is still in love with Luke in spite of everything that has transpired as she sings the song she penned for him. She hastily seeks out Luke after the concert before he departs for the following six months.

Just in time, she captures him and declares her love. Despite their initial intentions, they both decided to forgo a divorce. They acknowledge that they have grown closer to one another while acting as husband and wife. They have discovered a common ground where they have turned to one other for support and caring despite having numerous disparities in their beliefs and ideas, and they are not going to discard all of that. So, when Luke returns home, they begin their marriage in the traditional sense. As the closing credits begin to appear, Cassie, Luke, and their puppy are shown living happily ever after.

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