After One Piece: Netflix launch of the next big anime adaptation is set

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Fans of supernatural entertainment and martial arts fights can soon look forward to another live-action adaptation of a manga and anime hit from the 90s on Netflix.

After the huge Netflix success “One Piece,” hopes are high that the curse of such live-action adaptations of popular anime titles has finally been broken. Even if Son-Goku’s U.S. spokesman is skeptical about possible further ventures, it should only be a matter of time before someone takes a chance on “Dragon Ball” and similar popular titles.

Netflix even has the next live-action version of a popular manga and anime from the ’90s coming up this year. As the streaming service revealed in a post on X (formerly Twitter), the adaptation of Toshihiro Togashi’s “Yu Yu Hakusho” will appear on Netflix as early as December 14, 2023:

We can be curious about the first impressions of the live-action series, because we can expect here the implementation of one of the best-selling manga of the cult magazine “Weekly Shonen Jump”. A whole 78 million copies of “Yu Yu Hakusho” are supposed to have been sold by 2022 (via magmix). The anime was also excellently received, as evidenced by a rating of 8.5 points at IMDb. By the way, you can stream all 112 episodes of the anime on Netflix.

Demon action: This is what “Yu Yu Hakusho” is all about

14-year-old Yusuke Urameshi is actually a good-for-nothing who regularly gets into street fights. Therefore, it comes as quite a surprise that he loses his life in a car accident when he pushes a child out of the way and thus sacrifices himself for him. This selfless act even amazes the underworld, where Yusuke finds himself after his death. There one does not know now exactly whether he is to be sent into the heaven or the hell. Because of this, Yusuke is given the chance to prove himself in some tests, which actually allows him to regain his life on earth. In addition, he is given the title of “Ghost Detective” and in this capacity he is supposed to locate and defeat demons on Earth.

“Yu Yu Hakusho” is accordingly a mixture of supernatural story full of demons with some fancy martial arts fights. We can be curious to see if Netflix can duly adapt another popular manga and anime after “One Piece”. If it succeeds, we can expect a real action highlight before the end of the year.

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