The Boys Season 4: Start postponed! New supes in the cast and more info

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The fourth season of “The Boys” will hopefully be released in 2023. The spin-off is definitely due to be released this year.

The first three seasons of “The Boys” are available as a subscription on Amazon Prime. Fans are now eagerly awaiting the fourth season of the anti-superhero series and work on it has been underway since late summer last year.

“Vought International”: An update from Ashley Barrett

In a short promotional video, Ashley shows how the organization is doing. It’s going very well. Black Noir is completing secret missions overseas, Starlight is labeled a traitor and Homelander is scoring approval ratings with his son. New members are being sought for “The Seven”.

Black Noir isn’t supposed to be doing anything anymore, but maybe someone else is under the mask? This is in line with earlier statements from showrunner Eric Kripke, who said that we will still see something of Black Noir. But see for yourself:

The Boys Season 4 Release Date: When will season 4 of “The Boys” start on Amazon Prime?

Filming for the third season lasted from February to September 2021, with the season appearing on the platform in June 2022. Preliminary work on the fourth season is said to have begun in March and Karl Urban (Billy Butcher) assumed that he would be busy filming the new episodes until the end of 2022.

It was therefore hoped that the fourth season might be released on Amazon Prime in late summer 2023. But showrunner Kripke has now thwarted this hope.

In this Twitter post, he explains that the start of the fourth season depends on how long the writers’ strike drags on. Even though filming has actually already finished, post-production cannot currently take place. So we can only hope that the studios will soon respond to the strikers’ demands. There is still no concrete start date or at least a time frame for the premiere of the fourth season.

Plans up to the fifth season of “The Boys” or even further?

The Boys Season 4 - Billy Butcher
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Many rumor that we will have to reckon with the death of Butcher in the fourth season. The doctor has given him a very limited lifespan due to his special drug experiments in season 3 and, depending on how much time has passed, this could be over by the fourth season. The showrunner and executive producer of “The Boys”, Eric Kripke, said at the beginning of the series that he had a plan for at least five seasons. As the anti-superhero comic adaptation based on the work by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson is running extremely successfully on Amazon, nothing should stand in the way of the series being completed properly and we can expect at least a fifth season. Recent reports even suggest that there could be more than five seasons to come, which some fans are rather worried about. You can read all about it in this news item:

The Boys Season 4 Cast: No role model in the comics for the new Supes

“The Seven” are looking for new people and that’s probably where Sister Sage (Susan Heyward) and Firecracker (Valorie Curry) come in. If you’ve been wondering who they’re supposed to be, you’ve probably already realized that there’s no equivalent for these characters in the comics. Both have been completely reinvented for the fourth season of “The Boys”.

For Hughie, there will also be a reunion with Mom (Rosemarie Dewitt) and Dad (Simon Pegg) in the next season. Elliot Knight and Rob Benedict will also be joining the cast, but their roles are still unknown.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan (“The Walking Dead“) is also expected to appear in the new episodes, but in this case, too, the role is still unknown. Cameron Crovetti will also get a lot more time for his role as Homelander’s son Ryan, since, as the above-mentioned “Vought” video shows, both seem to appear mainly as a double act, which Butcher certainly won’t like.

Butcher in “The Woods”: What does the spin-off “Gen V” tell us about the new “The Boys” episodes?

Billy Butcher is in The Woods - The Boys Season 4

“The Boys” universe has been expanded once again. Alongside the animated series, “The Boys Presents: Diabolical”, which can now be seen online at Amazon, comes the “The Boys” spin-off called “Gen V“. The new series has been developed by Craig Rosenberg, with parent series creator Eric Kripke among those assisting him as executive producer. Darick Robertson and Garth Ennis himself are also involved in the new project as producers. You can take a look at the main cast and the skills of the new young Supes studying at Godolkin University, which is run by Vought, in this picture gallery:

The series is now online with all eight episodes available on Prime Video and we highly recommend you watch it. In order not to unintentionally spoil anything here for anyone who still wants to watch “Gen V”, we will redirect you to the article on the second season “Gen V”, where you will find explanations of the finale and the presumed connection with The Boys season 4. Let’s just say this much: Homelander has a furious mission and Butcher unexpectedly appears at a location, which could have far-reaching consequences for all Supes.

Caution! Spoilers for “The Boys” season 3

The Boys Season 4 Plot: What happens next?

The third season of “The Boys” also marks the end of two Supes. In the case of Maeve, who dies in the comics, the farewell in the series is mild, as she only loses her superpowers and wants to enjoy a quiet life with Elena from now on. In an interview with TVLine, Eric Kripke also explained why she meets this fate in the series. For him, it was clear from the start that she would not die:

“We intentionally built a happy ending for her, always, for a lot of reasons. One was that she deserved it. Believe it or not, ‘The Boys’ is a moral universe and if you make the right choices, you will be rewarded. And she deserves a happy ending with Elena.”

Fans should also be told that he also promises that “(…) the series won’t end without a reunion with Maeve”. This means that even if she won’t be seen in the fourth season, she might be seen in the fifth at the latest.

But no farewell to Black Noir?

Black Noir - The Boys Season 4

More tragic than Maeve’s temporary absence is the farewell to Black Noir. But here, too, Kripke makes a promise to the fans. The fact that Noir had to suffer this rather unspectacular death without a fight was a difficult decision for the showrunner, because he knew what kind of fan favorite he was about to kill. But the characters have to go the way they have to go and Homelander not killing him would have been totally inconsistent. But we shouldn’t think we’ve seen the last of Noir. His return to the superhero group “The Seven”, of which there are considerably fewer at the moment, seems a foregone conclusion. Just as the series has already given us the clue with Noir’s mask, which Homelander deposits in a certain way, Kripke also confirms in the interview linked above: “This isn’t the last we’ve seen of Noir. That’s just the last of him in this version”. And the Ashley video above proves that it will be the same next season.

New members of “The Seven”

As you can see from the cast paragraph above, the missing members of the superhero squad will be replaced. Since Sister Sage and Firecracker are new creative spawns of the series universe, it’s hard to tell what kind of psychopaths they are. We’ll have to wait for the trailer and the new episodes to find out more about their backgrounds.

The comics and series tell the circumstances differently, some characters have been drastically changed, other scenes will be accurately recognizable.

No one who has only seen the series will be bored by the comics. You can celebrate the story in a different way and make the most of the time until the fourth season. Precisely because the comics and the series take different paths at certain points, it is an enrichment.

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