The Boys Season 4: First look at two all-new supes created especially for the series

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The 4th season of The Boys announces itself with new images. On display are two supes created especially for the popular Amazon Prime Video series.

The Boys is based on a comic book template. However, after three seasons and a total of 24 episodes, it’s clear that the series’ template won’t last forever. The source material is slowly but surely being exhausted. New ideas are needed. For showrunner Eric Kripke, that’s no problem. He just comes up with new characters.

The Boys Season 4 - First look at two all-new supes created especially for the series
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In the 4th season of The Boys, we will be introduced to Firecracker and Sister Sage, two supes created especially for the series. Valorie Curry, known from the superhero series The Tick, plays Firecracker. Orange Is the New Black star Susan Heyward takes on the role of Sister Sage.

Two new supes for The Boys Season 4: The Boys introduces Firecracker and Sister Sage

To give us a better idea of the characters, Amazon has released two promo shots showing us the actresses in costume on their official Twitter account.

Responsible for the costumes is Laura Jean, who has already created several memorable superhero suits as part of The Boys, most recently, for example, the outfit of Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy in season 3. She is very familiar with comic book adaptations. She was involved in Iron Man, Black Lightning and Doom Patrol, among others.

Not much is known about Firecracker and Sister Sage. According to Kripke, however, they are two of the craziest elements he has added to The Boys universe as showrunner. We can be curious how abysmal and morally depraved the new characters are in the The Boys Season 4.

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