Gen V season 2 is safe! When are new episodes coming to Amazon?

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Amazon wanted to wait and see how the spin-off series would fare with audiences. The response has been more than respectable and that means more wacky insights into the world of supes.

For “The Boys” fans, now would actually be the time to look forward to the start of the fourth season, but this has been postponed for the time being. Instead, we can now tune into “Gen V”, the spin-off series about Supes at Godolkin University. The cast of “The Boys” commented on the start of the new Supes series in this clip:

Claudia Doumit, who plays Victoria Neuman in the spin-off, has incidentally reported that the fourth season of “The Boys” and “Gen V” are supposed to be connected and we’ll get some basic information for the new “The Boys” episodes when we tune in. Anyone who has already seen the episodes will also have discovered some Easter Eggs.

Is a second season of Gen V coming?

Initially, we can expect eight episodes of the first season on Amazon from September 29, 2023, three of which were ready in one go and the rest will be broadcast weekly. So there are still a few weeks of series enjoyment left until the finale. The future of “Gen V” has already been discussed in advance, for example in this Entertainment Weekly interview with Vernon Sanders, Head of Television at Amazon and MGM Studios. He is ultimately the one who decides how far “The Boys” showrunner Eric Kripke can expand his Supes universe.

When asked about this, he responded diplomatically by firstly stating that Kripke has ideas for years to come about how everything could develop further and that they are in ongoing discussions about this. First, however, they would eagerly await the start of the fourth season of the parent series and that of “Gen V” in order to see what happens next.

Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters were the showrunners for the first season of “Gen V”. According to Entertainment Weekly, a writer’s room led by Fazekas had already met earlier this year for a potential second season. Sanders comments:

“We think if the fans respond to ‘Gen V’ in the same way we did, we’ll get many more seasons of the show. In the master plan between Eric and Michele and Tara, the two series will have an ongoing dialog in a funny way.”

From this we could clearly see: If the streaming hits on Amazon for “The Boys” and for “Gen V” are right, both series will still get sequels, which should then even correspond with each other in a somewhat funny way.

Second season made official before the finale: when will new episodes start?

Amazon announced the new season with a video of the cast and their reaction to the renewal. Some fans probably didn’t look much different at the message, because the series is really brilliant in parts. So it’s not surprising that it has already secured first place in Amazon’s own streaming charts in 130 countries.

It is to be hoped that the new episodes will start on the streaming provider in fall 2024, as certain preparatory work has already begun and the official order for the season was decided so early. For now, we can relax and look forward to the finale of the first season and see how one or two mysteries are resolved.

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