The Boys Season 4 TEASES the super team 7 first look

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The Boys season 4 on Amazon Prime Video has hinted at a new lineup for their Vought superhero squad, The Seven, in advance of their presentation at San Diego Comic-Con in 2023. The top superhero squad from Vought, Homelander, was severely depleted throughout the course of season three of The Boys. Season 3 also saw Homelander kill Black Noir in a fit of wrath, and Dominique McElligott’s Maeve stage her own demise in addition to Starlight leaving the Vought organization.

The Boys season 4’s new squad lineup has been hinted at via the official Twitter account of the fictional company Vought International a few months after production was finished. The modified season 2 image also depicts a returning Black Noir, whose demise is planned to be covered up by having a new Supe take his place. It also includes an image of the three surviving members of The Seven, Homelander, A-Train, and The Deep. The advertisement also states that Homelander is actively looking for additional Supers to join his team.

The Boys
Credit: Prime Video

Fans can’t wait to discover the Super 7 team in the upcoming season of The Boys

The audience is eager to find out who will be joining the cast of corrupt superheroes on The Seven, which is currently searching for three new members to restore the team to its full vigour. Most likely, two of the three open positions will be filled by a pair of new characters that were originally introduced in October of last year. Susan Heyward from Orange is the New Black and Valorie Curry from The Lost Symbol have both already been revealed as two new Supes, going by the names Sister Sage and Firecracker, respectively.

Since Heyward and Curry are both original characters who have no obvious connections to the original comics, little is currently known about them. Who will eventually occupy the seventh and final spot on the team will be the bigger question. Although it doesn’t seem plausible that Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s enigmatic nameless character would be a contender to complete the team, Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy might be. He might be a strong possibility because numerous fan theories suggest that he could be cast as the Supe Tek Knight.

Who else can be seen as a member of team 7 in The Boys season 4?

According to ComicBook, The upcoming spinoff series Gen V, which will feature a younger generation of Super Heroes receiving training at Godolkin University School of Crimefighting, may provide even another inspiration. Since the spinoff is scheduled to premiere before The Boys season 4, it’s probable that it may feature a budding Supe grad who transfers to the main program. In any case, when The Boys perform at the SDCC later this month, viewers might find out more. 

The Boys Season 4 Teases The Super Team 7 First Look
Credit: Prime Video

The first three seasons of The Boys are currently available on Amazon Prime Video, however, Season 4 has not yet been announced. Keep checking our page for updates as we discover more about The Boys Season 4!

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