One Piece: Japanese TV host insults fans on live TV

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On June 9, host Kouki Ozora was heavily criticized during a program on Fuji TV after saying that “those who read the One Piece manga have few friends.” The story was reported by the Myjitsu website.

On Fuji TV’s “Mezamashi 8” show on June 9, co-host Shosuke Tanihara was talking about the news that One Piece is entering the final round when he made the remark. ” This Wano-Ark was way too long,” he said, looking around the room.

Everyone in attendance fell silent, showing that none of those in attendance seemed to have read the manga or felt uncomfortable contradicting the co-host. Tanihara turned and turned back to Kouki Ozora, who said, “Reading everyone around me, but I couldn’t.”

After this harmless comment came the statement that caused trouble for the TV presenter. He then said, ” I think the people who don’t have many friends or a partner in their daily life are the ones who read the manga.”

However, Tanihara replied that he would still read the manga even though he felt the wano-kuni ark was too long: “Wait a minute. I’ve been reading this for a long time” In response to Tanihara’s comment, Ozora replied, “Oh, I’m sorry about that. I will also read from now on.”

One Piece Fans Reactions

Disagreeing with Ozora’s comments, some One Piece fans expressed their concerns online about the thoroughly offensive statement. Here is what some One Piece wrote on social media platforms:

  • “He’s an idiot for despising One Piece while everyone around him is reading it”
  • “Tanihara’s response was perfect and quick”
  • “He was very rude to Fuji TV, Shueisha and the manga fans, unnecessary comment”
  • “Prejudiced commentator, thinks everyone who reads One Piece has no friends must be the most famous anime in the world.”

Here you can see the picture:

Japanese Tv Presenter Insults One Piece Fans

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