Meiji Tokyo Renka Season 2: Will it ever be released?

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Will there ever be Meiji Tokyo Renka Season 2? Will there be a second season of the anime show?

Meiji Tokyo Renka, which belongs to the reversed harem subgenre of shoujo anime, is one of the many such shows. Additionally, the anime series can be categorized as medieval anime and belongs to the supernatural subgenre.

Mei Ayazuki, a typical high school student, is followed in Meiji Tokyo Renka as she is unexpectedly transported to the Meiji Period by Charlie, a man who identifies himself as a magician. Mei later discovered that she had a special ability that only a select few individuals have, which is the ability to see ghosts. Meiji Period believed in ghosts.

As a result of this change of events, she has relationships with several attractive men there. She wasn’t used to this kind of stuff at first, but as time passes, she starts to develop a liking for it.

Meiji Tokyo Renka started out as a video game that Dwango released in 2011 for smartphones. The PlayStation Portable version was later released on September 26, 2013, by Broccoli. Meiji Tokyo Renka: Twilight Kiss, which was released on April 23, 2015, for the PlayStation Portable, was the sequel that came after it. Later, the business released a number of more properties that are playable on numerous systems.

Yukiko Uozumi later turned Meiji Tokyo Renka into a series of light novels. Meiji Tky Renka: Akazukiyo no Konyakusha and Meiji Tky Renka: Koizukiyo no Hanayome, both books, were published on June 30 and March 30, respectively.

Meiji Tokyo Renka Season 2 Renewal Status

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At a promotion in October 2016, it was revealed that the light novel series would be adapted into an anime. The adaptation was drawn by TMS Entertainment, a company most known for producing a number of well-liked anime films, including Dr. Stone, ReLIFE, Rent A Girlfriend, and Orange.

The 12-episode television anime series had its world premiere on January 9, 2019, and it lasted until March 27 of the same year. Many supporters are clamoring for a second season after the first one has concluded. What is the status of Meiji Tokyo Renka Season 2’s renewal? Will there be a second season for the viewers?

As of right present, neither the author nor the studio has commented on Meiji Tokyo Renka Season 2. Whether it will be canceled or renewed is unknown.

Will Meiji Tokyo Renka Season 2 be possible?

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It is safe to infer that Meiji Tokyo Renka Season 2 will not be possible, despite the fact that there have been no formal announcements to that effect as of yet.

The studio’s inability to renew the season is the main cause. There isn’t enough source material. All of the light novels have already been covered in the anime series. The anime series was not really all that well-known when it first debuted, with only about 51k members on MyAnimeList. Another consideration is the anime’s score. On the same site, the anime obtained a score of 7.03, which is not terrible but yet insufficient to ensure Meiji Tokyo Renka Season 2.

The best course of action is to assume that Meiji Tokyo Renka Season 2 is not feasible. However, if somewhat the studio decides to make an announcement regarding a sequel in the future, we will surely let you guys know.

Meiji Tokyo Renka Other Series

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Two animated films, the first on July 18, 2015, and the second on May 6, 2016, were released before the television anime series had begun airing. They were both animated by Studio Deen, a studio with a dubious reputation in the neighborhood.

The same-named live-action movie, which was first announced in January 2018 and was released in 2019, is also part of the series.

Meiji Tokyo Renka Series includes a manga series by Hiyori Hinata in addition to the movies. The article has appeared in Monthly Asuka.

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