Hunter x Hunter: Three differences between the anime and manga

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Hunter x Hunter” is now one of the most discussed anime and manga on social media. With the surprise return of Togashi, who delighted his fans with an official Twitter profile, the hype has also increased dramatically.

Yoshihiro Togashi is currently working on his manga and keeps his fans and followers up to date with sketch photos. This means that more chapters await us in the future, and more chapters means: the chance for a new season of the anime becomes more likely. To be clear, only 51 chapters were published between 2012 and 2018.

Hunter x Hunter: Anime and Manga Differences

Ever since Yoshihiro Togashi returned, there have been many fans who have started a second run with Hunter x Hunter. While some are watching the anime, others are reading the manga. But anyone who has previously watched or read the other medium will recognize many differences between the anime and the manga.

We have prepared a short list with the biggest differences for you:

Kite’s absence in the first episode

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Kite
Hunter x Hunter © Shueisha

One of the first characters to appear in both the manga and the 1999 anime version is Kite, one of Ging’s apprentices. He is introduced to the story after saving Gon from a dangerous foxbear and is the one who reveals to him that Ging is still alive.

In the new version of the anime, Kite was neither shown nor mentioned at the beginning. The importance of this first encounter has a profound impact on someone experiencing the main story of the series and Gon’s evolution into a hunter for the first time.

The later death of Kite, which had left a big hole in Gon’s heart, was also heavily criticized. For some fans of the anime, it was incomprehensible that Kite’s death could leave such a scar on Gon. Manga fans, on the other hand, did not have this problem.

Filler episode for friendship development

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Gon and Killua
Hunter x Hunter © Shueisha

One of the only filler episodes of the 2011 version is episode 12. However, this filler had a great importance for the development of the protagonists. The additional scenes showed Leorio’s remorse for his mistake in the last part of the Hunter Exam, thus helping to develop his character.

In addition, several scenes showed Killua and Gon getting to know each other as new friends. In the manga at the time, Killua and Gon seemed more like friendly rivals. However, in the anime, they became best friends very quickly, and these additional scenes made that clear.

Future of Gyro

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Gyro
Hunter x Hunter © Shueisha

One of Hunter x Hunter’s most mysterious characters, Gyro was a major character in the Chimera Ant-Arc. He is the leader of the NGL, the area where the entire Chimera Ant event takes place. However, his past has caused him to despise humanity as a whole.

Following the events of the Chimera Ant-Arc, Gyro is reborn as an entirely new species. It was hinted in the manga that he will have a role in the final or later events with Gon. The anime, in turn, never mentions him again, leaving his character with an open ending.

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