Exploding private parts: New Amazon trailer for "The Boys" spin-off is for adults only

Amazon has just released the brand new trailer for "The Boys" spin-off "Generation V". This series does not need to hide from the original.

For the time being, "The Boys" is and will remain Amazon's most successful series in the fierce competition with other providers for streaming supremacy. Apparently, not even the gigantic and enormously expensive fantasy epic "The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power" has managed to win the audience's favor. At least the media giant remains surprisingly silent in this regard, which in itself is not too good a sign.

Season 3 of "The Boys" was once again able to show record values both in terms of reviews and streaming figures. So it's no wonder that Amazon is eager to raise an entire universe around the enormously brutal yet satirically humorous series just for adults. Alongside the animated series "The Boys Presents: Diabolical," "Generation V" is aimed at the audience that made high school series like "Riverdale" and "Euphoria" hits - only much bloodier. This is also made clear by the casting of Jaz Sinclair, who is familiar from the Netflix horror series "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. How much bloodier the whole thing will actually turn out, shows the freshly released full Redband trailer, which is not suitable for children's eyes.

As part of the Comic-Con Experience (CCXP) in São Paulo, Brazil, the first glimpse of this spin-off series was given via moving images.

That a college like the Godolkin University of Crime Fighting will be no ordinary school just for budding supes should be clear anyway, once you've seen what the soft skills of the supposed superhero*s under the Vought International corporation banner are like. Only very few of the Supes have ever heard of empathy, respect for personal boundaries and teamwork. And that's only true for the individuals who have already been trained and have been recognized as the best in their class. So the fact that sparks fly in a place where uncut rough diamonds meet should be the logical consequence - an extremely deadly one, as you can see from the teaser trailer.

"Generation V" will include cameo appearances from the original series

In the run-up, the spin-off "Generation V" was described as a mixture of college drama and "The Tribute to Panem." That should indeed describe quite well what fans can expect in the series, which is the responsibility of showrunner Craig Rosenberg. What they can also look forward to are cameo appearances from the original series. The teaser trailer already features Jessie T. Usher as A-Train and Colby Minifie as Vought CEO Ashley Barrett. Even "Dawn of the Seven" director Adam can be seen. Is he filming a college series at Godolkin University?

The new stars, on the other hand, include Patrick Schwarzenegger, Jaz Sinclair, Chance Perdomo, Sean Patrick Thomas, Shelley Conn, Alexander Calvert, Maddie Phillips, Lizze Broadway as well as Clancy Brown. Exactly which roles they will take on, how they relate to each other and which of them will still be alive at the end of the first season is currently under wraps. That there will be deaths in "Gen V", on the other hand, is as certain as the Amen in the church.

The spin-off series is scheduled to start on September 29, 2023, which should bridge the wait for "The Boys" Season 4.