Three Thousand Years of Longing: Everything We Know So Far

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Since the magnificent Mad Max: Fury Road from 2015, George Miller has only produced Three Thousand Years of Longing. Idris Elba and Tilda Swinton will be accompanying him on this journey. What does the director have in store for audiences after a seven-year wait?

Over the course of his more than fifty years in the business, Australian director George Miller has had a very interesting career. With the nonstop post-apocalyptic action of the Mad Max trilogy, he has established himself as having one of the most distinctive and important voices in film, essentially defining a new genre.

Then he took a vacation from the desolate wasteland to watch Babe: Pig in the City and the two Happy Feet movies, which are both family-friendly. Miller’s inevitable return to the Mad Max universe is shown in Mad Max: Fury Road, which is recognized by critics and spectators alike as not just the best film in the series but also one of the best action films ever created.

Miller’s next movie is his first original concept since Happy Feet, despite the fact that Fury Road’s sequel and an Imperator Furiosa prequel have been confirmed, showing that he is still invested in the Mad Max universe. The writer/dream director’s film, Three Thousand Years of Longing, has supposedly been in the works for the past twenty years.

Here are all the details we currently know about Three Thousand Years of Longing, which recently had its premiere at the renowned Cannes Film Festival and has a new trailer for its enigmatic fantasy drama.

Watch the Three Thousand Years of Longing Trailer

The Thousand Years of Longing eventually gave us our first good look after a little tease a few days prior, introducing the two major characters and giving us a general idea of what the plot will entail.

In the teaser, we are introduced to Alithea, a lonely Englishwoman who discovers a mysterious yet lovely vial while traveling to Istanbul. A supernatural being known as a Djinn (sometimes referred to as a genie) emerges from the vial as she cleans it at home. The Djinn informs Alithea that he will grant her three wishes in usual genie way. As the film progresses and closes with a sizzle reel of material primarily made up of what appear to be flashbacks of the djinn’s history and his prior masters, Alithea is left with many concerns and reservations about everything that has happened so far.

When and Where Is Three Thousand Years of Longing Releasing?

Three Thousand Years Of Longing: Everything We Know So Far
Three Thousand Years of Longing © MGM Studios

The public won’t be able to see Miller’s upcoming film until the end of the summer, despite its Cannes premiere. The precise date of Three Thousand Years of Longing’s general release is August 31, 2022 and August 26, 2022 for Ameirca release date. However, the trailer makes it abundantly apparent that the eagerly anticipated film will only be accessible in cinemas once it releases, so you won’t be able to view it there starting that date.

Who Is in the Cast of Three Thousand Years of Longing?

Three Thousand Years Of Longing: Everything We Know So Far
Three Thousand Years of Longing © MGM Studios

In the motion picture Three Thousand Years of Longing, Tilda Swinton portrays Alithea, the researcher who discovers the genie. The Oscar-winning actress has received repeated plaudits for her transformational performances, which have been seen in both big-budget films like Doctor Strange and more intimate ones like Snowpiercer.

Idris Elba, who has no name to his credit as of yet but who plays the Djinn, joins her as the co-lead. The Djinn will unquestionably be an incredibly crucial character in the plot. Elba, like Swinton, has a wide variety in the various characters he has played over the years, whether it be an inspirational military leader in Pacific Rim or a cruel dictator in Beasts of No Nation.

Aamito Lagum as the Queen of Sheba, Burcu Gölgedar as Zefir, Matteo Bocelli as Prince Mustafa, Kaan Guldur as Murad IV, Jack Braddy as Ibrahim, Hugo Vella as young Ibrahim, Pia Thunderbolt as Ezgi, Anna Adams as Sugar Lamp, David Collins as Jocular Storyteller, and Angie Tricker as the narrator are among the other cast members who make appearances in the movie.

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