“Carter” Netflix teases the trailer for the Korean action movie

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Joo Won, who starred in the South Korean action film Good Doctor, also stars in Carter. We’re tracking all the details you need to know about Carter, including the plot, actors, trailers, and the Netflix release date, which is rumored to be coming in August 2022.

In a virtual press conference held on Thursday (25/2), Netflix announced the production of the first Korean original film which was the result of Netflix’s own production, one of which was the film Carter.

Jung Byung Gil is the director of the upcoming South Korean action thriller film Carter, a Netflix Original.

Carter will be just the fourth South Korean film to appear on Netflix in 2022, despite the fact that Korean content is clearly and obviously popular on the service.

With “Carter,” its first Korean original film of the second half of the year, Netflix (The Vampire Diaries Season 9) is teasing high-octane video that blends “Jason Bourne” and “Mission: Impossible” adrenaline rushes with Korean flair.

A deadly outbreak that originated in the demilitarized zone between the two Koreas is depicted two months into the action. The U.S. and North Korea have already been decimated by the pandemic. Additionally, the titular spy must put his life in danger while he establishes his identity.

Agent Carter awakens with no memory of his previous life. His skull is literally a bomb, and he is being given instructions for a unique task by an unknown voice. He needs to avoid the CIA and a North Korean coup while saving the girl who possesses the only antidote to the virus.

Intense physical combat, a chase through the countryside a like “North by Northwest,” and dangerous aerial maneuvers are all seen in the clip.

The film is marketed as a one-scene, one-cut actioner in the style of “1917” [which was actually edited] or drama film “The Russian Ark,” which makes it harder to judge from the slickly edited trailer.

Joo Won stars as the eponymous character under the direction of Jung Byung-gil (“The Villainess” and the upcoming American movie “Afterburn”). Apeitda Production handles the production. On August 5, 2022, Netflix (You Don’t Know Me Season 2) releases the movie for global viewing.

Netflix (The Marked Heart Season 2) has established itself as the leading streaming service in South Korea by investing heavily in local production. One of its most successful Korean productions in foreign markets is the 2021 series “Squid Game.”

The duration of the movie, 133 minutes, has been verified.

What is the plot of Carter?

The synopsis of Carter is courtesy of Netflix:

“Agent Carter wakes up one day in a motel room without any recollection of his identity and follows orders to join an explosive mission.”

Who are the cast members of Carter?

Surprisingly, the full cast list for Carter hasn’t been revealed despite the movie’s Netflix (Love and Anarchy Season 3) debut being less than a month away. Only three cast members are currently listed for Carter:

Joo Won as Carter

In Carter, Joo Won will make his Netflix (Good Doctor Season 6) debut as the show’s title character. The well-known South Korean actor is well-known for his performance of Park Shi On in the film The Good Doctor, which was later transformed into an American medical drama with Freddie Highmore.

Lee Sung Jae as Kim Jong Hyuk

Lee Sung Jae has previously appeared on Netflix (Squid Game Season 2) in the 2019 romantic comedy series Abyss in a supporting role. The most notable accomplishments of Sung Jae were his work on the motion pictures Barking Dogs Never Bite, Kick the Moon, and Attack the Gas Station.

Kim Bo Min      

Kim Bo Min, an actress, is only 11 years old, but she already gets more screen time than some performers their age. She most recently played Han Ha Jin in the film The Silent Sea. The teenage actress has played supporting roles in the Netflix-exclusive Korean dramas Chocolate and The King: Eternal Monarch.

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