The Marked Heart Season 2: What’s next for the thriller drama?

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One loses his great love so that the other’s sweetheart lives on. The widower has only the revenge on the organ trafficking ring in his head, which has his wife on his conscience. Of all people, the one who received his wife’s heart knows nothing and remains uncertain about the origin of the organ. And it is she, of all people, with whom the bereaved falls in love. Since 2022 you can find the first season of the Colombian series “The Marked Heart” (Original Title: “Pálpito”) at the provider Netflix. Will the thrilling plot of the thriller-drama Netflix series continue with The Marked Heart Season 2?

Will The Marked Heart Season 2 be released?

The Marked Heart Season 2 is coming! This was confirmed on the one hand by the cast of the Netflix hit in a video as well as the provider Netflix itself – just two weeks after the release of the first season. That Season 2 of the Colombian telenovela will be released is pretty much the first thing you can read when you watch the series on Netflix. There it says in the clear and not misinterpretable words: “It is official: There will be another season”. When The Marked Heart season 2 will appear in detail, however, is not yet certain.

The Marked Heart Season 2: The Plot of the First Season

Warning, spoiler alert for season 1 of “The Marked Heart”!

Camila Duarte (played by Ana Lucía Domínguez) and Zacarías Cienfuegos (played by Sebastián Martínez) love each other and want to get married. But Camila is ill and urgently needs a heart transplant. Actually, she is at the bottom of the waiting list for a new heart, but in order not to lose her, Sebastián would do anything. Therefore, and because he has the financial means, he decides to visit a dealer ring that procures a suitable heart for his beloved.

Valeria (played by Margarita Muñoz) and Simón Duque (played by Michel Brown) have a car accident. As a result, Simón loses consciousness. Quickly various people arrive at the scene of the accident, who Valeria initially believes they want to save. The apparent helpers, however, are the organ trafficking ring that selected Valeria as a compatible donor for Camila. Valeria is literally deprived of her heart in order to let Camila live on.

Camila is left in the dark about the origin of her new organ. Simón wants revenge and retribution at the merchant ring that murdered his great love to save someone else’s life. While he is out for retribution, he and Camila get to know each other. Over time, he falls in love with the very woman who received the heart of his deceased wife.

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