Good Doctor Season 6: Release date? A planned sequel?

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Find out all the information about The Good Doctor Season 6 premiere! Release date, renewal, etc.

The Good Doctor is available on Amazon Prime Video! If you want to know when season 6 will premiere, keep reading! More than a month after the season 5 finale of the medical drama, ABC (Rake Season 6) has renewed The Good Doctor for a season 6 March 30.

In addition, the network is adding two episodes that were scheduled to air this year to the 2022-2023 season, which will be the longest season of the good doctor with a total of 22 episodes.

That’s not the only change to come. On May 13, it was reported that The Good Doctor executive producer Liz Friedman will join David Shore as co-showrunner. After the Season 5 finale, you probably want to know When will The Good Doctor Season 6 premiere?

What is the premiere date for season 6 of The Good Doctor?

Good Doctor Season 6 Release Date
Good Doctor © ABC

The fifth season ended on May 17, 2022. As previously stated, The Good Doctor has been renewed for Season 6 and will include 22 episodes.

According to reports, filming for Season 5 ended in April 2022, so it is unlikely that the production team will return to the sets immediately after the premiere of the Season 5 finale. We believe that The Good Doctor Season 6 release date should be set for the beginning of the 2022 school year in the U.S.

What can we expect next?

The Season 6 of The Good Doctor will likely pick up after the dramatic events of the Season 5 finale. As president, Dr. Marcus Andrews could bond with his employees to improve the morale of the hospital staff. With Shaun and Lea’s marriage having been disrupted, we will probably get a chance to see them united by the sacred bonds of marriage in season six. So there’s a lot to look forward to for fans.

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