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Norsemen Creators on Potential Season 4

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Fans of Norsemen were disappointed to learn that the show had been canceled after three seasons and that there would be no Norsemen season 4. Here is everything we know about why Norsemen was canceled and will be a Norsemen Season 4? what could happen in Norsemen Season 4?

Norsemen is a hilarious comedy series that follows the lives of Vikings in the village of Norheim in the 790s. The show has been praised for its witty dialogue, absurd humor, and historical accuracy. The show was originally produced by NRK1 in Norway and was filmed simultaneously in Norwegian and English. The English version was released on Netflix, where it gained a loyal fan base.

Will there be Season 4 of the Norsemen?

Will there be Season 4 of the Norsemen
© Netflix, NRK1

Unfortunately, the answer is no. NRK1 and Netflix have officially canceled Norsemen season 4. The show’s creators announced the news, Jon Iver Helgaker and Jonas Torgersen, on their Instagram accounts in September 2020. They wrote:

“Hi everyone! We have some sad news to share with you all today. There will be no more Norsemen. We are very proud of what we have made, but unfortunately, there will not be a fourth season. We want to thank all of you who have followed us through these years; you are the best fans in the world! We are working on new projects and hope you will enjoy them as much as you did, Norsemen. Thank you for watching, and may Odin be with you!”

Jon Iver Helgaker and Jonas Torgersen

The cancellation was kept a secret, but it could have been due to low ratings, high production costs, or creative differences. Some fans speculated that the coronavirus pandemic might have also affected the decision.

How Many Seasons Does Norsemen Have?

Norsemen has three seasons, each consisting of six episodes. The first season premiered on NRK1 in October 2016 and on Netflix in August 2017. The second season aired on NRK1 in November 2017 and on Netflix in October 2018. The third season, a prequel to the first two seasons, was released on NRK1 in February 2020 and on Netflix in July 2020.

Why is Season 3 of Norsemen a Prequel?

The show’s creators, Jon Ever Helgaker and Jonas Torgersen, had a problem when they started writing the third season: they had too many flashbacks. So they devised a brilliant solution: make it a prequel season. This way, they could explore the characters’ origins and the world. However, this also meant that some fan-favorite characters, like Rufus (Trond Fausa Aurvåg) and Kark (Øystein Martinsen), had less screen time. They are undoubtedly two of the funniest characters in the show.

What is the Ending of Norsemen?

The third season of Norsemen served as a prequel to the first two seasons and showed how the characters ended up in their respective roles and situations. It also explained some of the mysteries and references from the previous seasons, such as why Orm is married to Frøya, how Rufus became a slave, and how Jarl Varg lost his hair.

The season ended with a cliffhanger, as Jarl Varg declared war on Norheim after discovering that Olav had stolen his map to sail west. Olav appointed Arvid as his successor and prepared to leave with Rufus and Liv. Meanwhile, Orm decided to stay behind and become a farmer with Frøya.

Is Norsemen Coming Back in 2023?

Is Norsemen Coming Back in 2023
© Netflix, NRK1

No, Norsemen is not coming back in 2023 or any other year. The show has been canceled after three seasons, and there are no plans to revive it or make a spin-off. However, fans can still rewatch the show on Netflix or NRK1 or follow the creators and cast on social media for updates on their new projects.

Norsemen Season 4 Release Date: Speculation!

If Norsemen had not been canceled, it could have returned for a fourth season sometime in 2023 or later. The show had a gap of about two years between seasons, due to the complex filming process of shooting each scene twice in different languages. Therefore, assuming that the production would have started in 2021 or 2022, the earliest possible release date for Norsemen Season 4 would have been 2023 or 2024.

There is an online petition on change.org to bring back the Norsemen series by fan Antonio Jiménez to Jonas Torgersen; So far, the petition has 7k signatures. If you want another sequel, you can sign it.

Before the series canceled, in August 2020, in an interview with Variety creators said,

“We know it’s hard getting more than three seasons. But Season 2 ended with some loose ends and scores to settle and Season 3 expanded our universe. We would love to go on, and the actors would love to do it, so we hope it’s going to happen.”


With this statement looks like the creator has the intention to continue the series. To make it happen, he needs to get a green light from Netflix or NRK1.

Norsemen Season 4 Plot: What’s next?

Norsemen Season 4 Plot
© Netflix, NRK1

If Norsemen had continued for a fourth season, it would have likely picked up from where season 3 left off, and resolved the cliffhanger of Jarl Varg’s invasion of Norheim. It would have also shown how Olav’s voyage west turned out and what happened to Rufus and Liv. Additionally, it could have explored more of the characters’ personal lives, such as Arvid’s leadership skills, Orm’s farming ambitions, Frøya’s warrior spirit, and Kark’s loyalty issues.

Norsemen Season 4 Cast: Who’s in it?

Norsemen Season 4 Cast
© Netflix, NRK1

Norsemen is a Norwegian comedy series that follows the lives of Vikings in the village of Norheim in the 790s. The show features a talented cast of actors who play both the Norwegian and English versions of their characters by filming each scene twice. However, fans of the show will be disappointed to learn that Norsemen will not return for a fourth season, as it was canceled by NRK1 and Netflix in 2020.

The cast of Norsemen includes Kåre Conradi as Orm, Olav’s closeted homosexual brother and husband of Frøya; Nils Jørgen Kaalstad as Arvid, the chieftain’s second-in-command who loves to go on raids but also wants to settle in the village; Silje Torp as Frøya, a shield-maiden who joins in on raids and is married to Orm; Trond Fausa Aurvåg as Rufus, an enslaved actor from Rome who befriends Orm and plans to modernize the village; Henrik Mestad as Chieftain Olav, the leader of the village who finds a route to sail west; Marian Saastad Ottesen as Hildur, Olav’s wife; Øystein Martinsen as Kark, a freed slave who has voluntarily returned to his life as a slave after being institutionalized; Jon Øigarden as Jarl Varg, the regional overlord and main antagonist of the show; Kristine Riis as Liv, Arvid’s gold digger wife; and Bjørn Myrene as Torstein Hund, Varg’s right-hand man.

Where can I watch Norsemen?

Norsemen is available to stream on Netflix in both Norwegian and English versions. The first season of the English version was released on Netflix in August 2017, followed by the second season in October 2018. The third season, which is also known as Season 0, was released on Netflix in July 2020. The third season serves as a prequel to the first two seasons and tells the story that led up to Season 1.

Norsemen Season 4 Trailer: Is there a teaser?

Unfortunately, there is no trailer or teaser for Norsemen Season 4, as the show has been canceled and will not return for another season. The show’s creators, Jon Iver Helgaker and Jonas Torgersen, announced the cancellation on their Instagram accounts in September 2020. They thanked the fans for their support and said that they were proud of what they had achieved with Norsemen.

Norsemen is a hilarious and irreverent comedy series that parodies the Viking genre with absurd humor and witty dialogue. The show has received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike, and has been praised for its originality, production values, and performances. The show has a rating of 7.8 out of 10 on IMDb and an approval rating of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.

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