Air Gear Season 2: Will there ever be an update?

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Will there ever be Air Gear Season 2? Will we ever get to see it again?

One of the many classic programs that never gets old is Air Gear. Although it was launched more than ten years ago, the fandom is still active to this day. This alone demonstrates how popular Air Gear is in the anime world. As a result, many fans are still asking for Air Gear Season 2 as of the time of writing.

The shounen anime series Air Gear focuses on action, comedy, ecchi, and sports. Itsuki Minami, a delinquent at his high school, and his closest friends Kazuma Mikura and Onigiri are featured in the show as they become entangled in the world of Air Trecks, a pair of futuristic inline skates with motors that can help them conquer the skies.

Oh! Great is the author and illustrator of the Japanese comic series Air Gear, from which the anime took the adaptation from. Since November 6, 2002, it has been serialized in the weekly shonen manga magazine Weekly Shonen Magazine from Kodansha. Before ending on May 23, 2012, the manga series had 358 chapters collected into 37 tankobon volumes. Prior to Del Rey Manga’s closure, the firm had the original license for the English translation of the manga. Kodansha USA then published it under the Kodansha Comics imprint.

One of Oh! Great’s most popular manga series is Air Gear, and it has been so popular that it is still considered relevant today. Air Gear had almost 18 million copies in circulation as of August 2020. Even better, in 2006, it took home the shounen category’s 31st Kodansha Manga Award.

Air Gear Season 2 Renewal Status

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Toei Animation, the company that has been around since the beginning of the anime business and is best recognized for its well-known anime releases such as One Piece, Dragon Ball, and last but not least, Neon Genesis Evangelion, created an anime adaptation of the popular manga series Air Gear.

Air Gear was an anime series that debuted on April 5, 2006, ran for 25 episodes, and ended on September 27 of the same year. A bonus episode along the way, dubbed Air Gear: Special Trick, was released on March 21. The main series’ episodes 21 and 22 are where it happens. A follow-up with three ova episodes was released by Satelight on November 17, 2010.

Since the original publication of the anime series, neither the author nor the studio has spoken to us about Air Gear Season 2. Thus, the sequel’s current whereabouts are still unknown at this time.

Will Air Gear Season 2 ever be released?

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Although Toei Animation first published the first season of Air Gear more than ten years ago, they have not announced any updates on the show’s future. That said, a second season of Air Gear would be quite unlikely.

Although the studio would have more than enough chapters remaining for another season in terms of the source material. Only the first 104 of the manga series’ 358 chapters have been covered in the first season. Even two more seasons might be produced with the material left over.

But Air Gear Season 2 seems even further away given that Satelight has produced a sequel to the series in the form of OVA episodes. In the sequel, the studio adapted random parts of the manga series. The first episode is based on the manga’s sixteenth volume, which has the fight between Ikki and Ringo, while the second is based on the manga’s twenty-third or twenty-fourth volume, which features Kogarasumaru vs. Sleeping Forest inside Inorganic Net.

Often, a remake or reboot would be preferable to a season renewal for classic shows like this one. Among all the instances, Berserk and Fruits Basket is probably the most well-known. All we can do at this point is wait and hope that a studio will decide to revive our favorite anime series.

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