As in HigeHiro: Man takes in runaway girl

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A Japanese variety show followed a young man home from Japan, where cameramen made a surprising discovery just like in “HigeHiro.” We recap the details.

HigeHiro: Young man picks up a girl

Even though the young man forewarned the team that he was going to live with someone, the surprise was huge. For said roommate was a picture-perfect young woman with half-foreign roots who had run away from home.

The two had met on the Internet and so the current situation has arisen. The most impressive thing about the whole story, however, is that by their own admission, they are not lovers, but merely friends – even though the man admitted to sometimes having to leave the house when the sexual desire in him would become too great.

The story was quickly hotly debated on the Internet, as it reminded of the events from “HigeHiro“. However, the young woman assured that her parents would know about her whereabouts and would also agree. Moreover, at first glance, both of them look of age and of the same age, although they did not give any information about their ages.

The 13-part anime adaptation of “HigeHiro: After Being Rejected, I Shaved and Took in a High School Runaway” was directed by Manabu Kamikita at Studio Project No.9 and is available on-demand in its original audio with English subtitles here at Crunchyroll.


HigeHiro - Man takes in runaway girl
HigeHiro - Man takes in runaway girl

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