Ahiru no Sora Season 2 (Episode 51): Release Date

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The story of Ahiru no Sora continues after 50 episodes and it doesn’t seem to stop now. Giving the impression of a “prologue”, the journey in the anime has not even reached the starting line.

The last time we saw Sora was after his final defeat against Yokohama Taiei High School 74-119.

In the post-credits scenes, we can also see him training with the other team members for an upcoming tournament.

They are referring to the next arc of the franchise, which is the Monster Bash tournament.

Ahiru no Sora Season 2 Episode 51 Release Date

Episode 51 of the Ahiru no Sora anime will be released in the summer of 2021 as part of the second season.

Season 1 of the anime served to set up the pieces of the plot board, and now the real journey of the Kuzuryu High School basketball team begins.

With over 550 manga chapters, the animation studio has enough source material to make three more seasons.

Now, the only thing getting in the way of Ahiru no Sora Season 2 is the problem between Takeshi Hinata and Diomedea. Their clash is affecting the anime in a bad way. Since Hinata is not satisfied with the anime adaptation, he certainly wants any other studio to pick it up. But the best thing for the anime’s future is that the author and the studio settle their differences. Only then will they give the green light to its second season.

With the clash of opinions of the mangaka, Takeshi Hinata, and the direction the anime took in the first season, Ahiru No Sora season 2 is expected to be released in the summer of 2023, or even later.

Ahiru No Sora Season 2: Plot and Predictions.

The story will accelerate after their practice game against Yokohama High.

The Kuzuryu basketball team is training during the summer vacations to prepare for a new competition, the Monster Bash Tournament.

This introduces a new character, Nino, who seems to stand head and shoulders above all others in handling the ball in the game. Upon learning that Nino is not on his school’s basketball team, Sora makes a bet.

If Sora and his team win, Nino will have to join the team of Kikugawa High School. But finally, they understood what it means to be a national level player.

Summary of episode 50

Ahiru no Sora Season 2
Ahiru no Sora © Diomedea

I. The training

Episode 50 begins with Sora and the others remembering their match against Yokohama High and motivating themselves to play another match soon. Soon, they head to the beach to train for the upcoming obstacles.

Satsuki Masayoshi agrees to become the advisor of their basketball club after his wife gives birth to their son.

There is a small flashback scene of Madoka and her feelings with basketball and Momoharu.

II. The knot in his heart

But before she completely breaks her connection with basketball, she says she still has a knot with her, and focuses on the bracelet Sora’s mother gave her. The post-credits scene gives a glimpse of the Monster Bash tournament before the episode ends.

Ahiru No Sora Plot

Ahiru no Sora, also known as “Sky of the Duck” or “Sora the Duck”, is a Japanese basketball manga series written and illustrated by Takeshi Hinata.

Its publication began in Weekly Shōnen Magazine in 2003, and so far Kodansha has published 50 volumes in Japan.

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