Bang Dream! Morfonication: New information announced + teaser

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A teaser trailer for the upcoming “BanG Dream: Morfonication” anime has now been released on the official “BanG Dream!” YouTube channel. This contains some new information about the project.

Bang Dream! Morfonication Anime Release Date

Accordingly, the anime about the band “Morfonica” is a two-part special that is scheduled to premiere on July 28th and 29th, 2022.

Koudai Kakimoto will once again be directed at the SANZIGEN Animation studio. Tomomi Umetsu will support him. Taaki Kidani, the founder of Bushiroad, will return as producer. Hitomi Ogawa is writing the script, while Yuka Yamori is in charge of sub-character design. Satoki Iida takes care of the sound design. The music is composed by Noriyasu Agematsu, Junpei Fujita, and Elements Garden.

Morfonica was launched as the fourth band in the 2020 “BanG Dream!” franchise. The group consists of first-year students from Tsukinomori Girls’ High School, a prestigious school for upper-class girls. The five band members are Mashiro Kurata (vocals), Toko Kirigaya (guitar), Nanami Hiromachi (bass), Tsukushi Futaba (drums), and Rui Yashiro (violin). In the order mentioned, the five girls are voiced by Amane Shindo, Hina Suguta, Yuka Nishio, Mika and Ayasa.

The 13 episodes of the original “BanG Dream!” anime premiered in January 2017. Season 2 then followed in January 2019 before a third season aired in January 2020. Various anime films have also been produced for the franchise.

Bang Dream! Morfonication Anime Visual

Bang Dream! Morfonication Anime Visual

Bang Dream! Morfonication Anime Teaser

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