You Season 5: Launch on Netflix – when and how will Joe Goldberg continue?

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The current season of You had many an unexpected twist in store. Season 5 will now be the grand finale for Netflix’s favorite stalker Joe Goldberg.

Once a lone wolf, later a self-sacrificing family man and finally from hunter to hunted: Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) has undergone a true metamorphosis in the first four seasons of “You – You Will Love Me”. But he still can’t shake off his old vices. Can we expect a big turnaround in season 5? After the surprises in season 4, anything is possible – but we won’t get any answers until the final fifth season of “You” starts on Netflix. Read what we know about it so far here.

You Season 5: Netflix launch

The journey continues for Joe Goldberg, or Jonathan Moore as he was last known, and that has been clear for some time. As Netflix has already announced, we can expect the final episodes in the course of 2024. We don’t have any more concrete information yet, but based on the release rhythm so far, we hope that the finale could start on the streaming service in the summer. We will keep you up to date here.

You Season 5: What happens next?

So far, Joe has tried unsuccessfully to get his lust for murder under control. We think it’s unlikely that he’ll finally come to his senses in season 5. What’s more, in Kate (Charlotte Ritchie) he now has a woman at his side who has no objections to his dark traits – at least as long as they bring her closer to her own goals. She also has enough money and influence to cover up the relevant events. Will she goad Joe into committing more murders or will she soon get her own way and Joe will look for a new object of desire?

Either way, the return to New York will hardly be a walk in the park. Joe has spent most of his life here – but he is no stranger to the masses in this city of millions. How will he react to the formative places of his past? Will the police finally catch him? Or will the revenge of a former victim follow?

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