You Season 4: First teaser trailer shows Joe’s alter ego as London professor

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You – You will love me” gets a 4th season from the streaming service Netflix! Now the streamer has released the first teaser trailer and the official start dates for the episodes.

  • The Netflix series “You – You will love me” returns to the streaming service in 2023 with a two-part fourth season.
  • In the new season, the charismatic stalker Joe goes to London, where he wants to “bury his past” as a professor.
  • Now we get our first glimpse of the upcoming episodes with a short new teaser trailer.

Netflix has officially confirmed another season of “You – You will love me” for 2023. Last we saw how the stalker Joe finally got rid of his no less sociopathic wife Love and fled to Europe. Now we get an impression of Joe’s new London personality in a first teaser clip.

When is the 4th season of “You” coming out?

Meanwhile, Netflix has announced the start dates for the two-part season of “You”. From February 10, 2023 , the stalker Joe will be up to mischief in London in the first five episodes. The other five episodes will then be available for download from March 10, 2023 .

Trailer and pictures for “You – You will love me” Season 4

During the TUDUM fan event , Netflix has now released a first teaser trailer for the sequel to “You” with Penn Badgley. In the short clip, Joe introduces us to his new personality as Professor Jonathan Moore . In the background, while Joe affirms that he is now a reformed man and has completely changed his life, we also get to see the other characters that will play a role in this season.

Also, several images from the Season 4 set have been released to date. For one, they feature Penn Badgley and Joe’s latest book selection.

On the other hand, we are shown a visually completely different Joe, who is chasing Marienne in London.

What will ‘You’ Season 4 be about?

At the end of the 3rd season of the Netflix series “You”, Joe is staying in Paris under the name Nick. He’s looking for Marienne (Tati Gabrielle, ” Chilling Adventures of Sabrina “), who took off with her daughter. Marienne knows that Joe murdered her ex and that he lied to her.

Due to negative experiences with toxic men in her past, Marienne takes to her heels.

In season 4 of You, Joe does appear to actually find Marienne in London. However, this situation would be completely new for him : Until now, his stalking victims did not know that he was capable of murder.

The US site TVGuide asked Sera Gamble, the series creator and showrunner of “You”, how a reunion between Marienne and Joe could work. According to her, Joe can be trusted to successfully persuade Marienne a different version of the story. Then the librarian may not consider him a cold-blooded murderer after all and a future together is possible.

However, it’s just as possible that Season 4 will see Joe fall in love with a new person and become obsessed with someone other than Marienne.

Which characters from Season 3 could still be dangerous for Joe?

Joe and Love didn’t kill nearly every character they came into contact with in Season 3. Husband and wife team Sherry (Shalita Grant) and Cary Conrad (Travis Van Winkle), however, seem more preoccupied with their new book, Locked Up: A Radical Technique in Couples Therapy, and the success that came with it.

Matthew (Scott Speedman), the cybersecurity expert and former neighbor, could still be a danger for Joe in season 4 of “You”. If Matthew finds out that Joe is still alive, he’ll probably go after him. Because Joe is involved in the murder of his beloved wife Natalie (Michaela McManus), even if Love is the actual culprit here. Matthew’s son Theo (Dylan Arnold) also seriously injured Love.

‘You’ star Penn Badgley tells TVGuide that his character basically has to be looking over her shoulder at all times. Joe is “always very suspicious” because he knows “everything he did and all the people he left alive.”

Production of “You – You will love me” Season 4

A tweet just confirmed the start of shooting for Season 4. The show’s official Twitter account posted a set photo showing a director’s flap dated March 22nd. This confirms the start of production. The director’s flap also reveals that John Scott is directing the episode. He has already worked as a director on previous episodes.

Cast of “You – You will love me” Season 4

It is expected that almost all of the main cast will return for Season 4 of the Netflix series.

Of course, Penn Badgley will be there as stalker Joe Goldberg. Other faces from season 3 such as Tati Gabrielle (Marienne), Scott Speedman (Matthew) or Saffron Burrows (Dottie) could also return.

British actress and singer Charlotte Ritchie (” Dead Pixels “) is a newcomer. She will play Kate, the cold-blooded art gallery boss who distrusts Joe.

Also new to the cast is Lukas Gage (” The White Lotus “, ” Euphoria “). He will play Adam, an American exile and youngest son of a wealthy East Coast magnate. As an entrepreneur and gamer, Adam is a warm and funny host, reports US magazine Deadline .

But beneath the surface, Adam hides a number of secrets and covers up his problems with heavy self-medication. Determined to prove himself, Adam takes big risks. There is no doubt that he manipulates his friends; the only question is how far he would go.

Some other actors of the new episodes have just been announced. You can find them below.

  • Tilly Keeper (“EastEnders”) as Lady Phoebe, a socialite aristocrat.
  • Amy Leigh Hickman (“Innocent”) as Nadia, a literature student and aspiring author.
  • Ed Speleers (” Outlander “) as Rhys, an author and politician.
  • Niccy Lin as Sophie, an entrepreneur, jet setter and Simon’s sister.
  • Aidan Cheng (” The Girlfriend Experience “) as Simon, an artist and Sophie’s brother.
  • Stephen Hagan as Malcolm, a drug-addicted literature professor who has a relationship with Kate.
  • Ben Wiggins (” Pennyworth “) as Roald, son of a noble family.
  • Eve Austin (“Doctors”) als Gemma.
  • Ozioma Whenu as Blessing, a Nigerian princess and investor.
  • Dario Coates (“Coronation Street”) als Connie.
  • Sean Pertwee (” Gotham “) as Vic, Adam’s personal driver/dealer/security guard.
  • Brad Alexander as Edward, son of a news magazine owner.
  • Alison Pargeter (“Outlander“, “Doctors”) als Dawn, einer Paparazzi.
  • Adam James (“Coroner Leo Dalton”) as Elliot

And some actors and actresses from previous seasons may also stop by in season 4 of “You – Du will love me”. For example, the character Ellie is still alive. Should she appear in the upcoming episodes, actress Jenna Ortega (” Wednesday “) will also be part of the party.

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