When will You Season 5 come to Netflix? All info on the continuation of the serial killer hit with Penn Badgley

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You season 4 around Penn Badgley’s charming serial killer Joe bombarded fans with plenty of twists. When will season 5 of the Netflix series continue?

After season 4 of the serial killer hit You – You’ll Love Me with Penn Badgley, some Netflix subscribers had to take a rest. Twists and turns hit the fans with such frequency that the question arises as to which storyline season 5 will be able to follow up on. We have compiled all the latest information on the continuation of the series.

You Season 5 on Netflix: When will Penn Badgley return as serial killer Joe?

To get it right away: Netflix has not yet confirmed a fifth season of the hit series. Dramaturgically, most of the storylines in season 4 have come to an end. Nevertheless, given the popularity of the streaming hit, further episodes seem very likely. Even if You season 4 has by no means pleased all fans.

Series creator Sera Gamble already told The Hollywood Reporter about an idea for season 5, so if the Netflix numbers for season 4 are right and the producers still see a story future, You season 5 can be expected in winter 2024 / spring 2025. The estimate is based on the previous intervals between the individual seasons.

Will Season 5 be the last You season on Netflix?

However, it is unlikely that a possible fifth season will be followed by another five. “If there’s going to be another season, it’s going to be [the last], I think,” Badgley previously explained on the Happy Sad Confused podcast. Whether that’s good or bad is up to each You fan to decide for themselves.

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