Where’s the hype on “The Dangers in My Heart”?

The Dangers in My Heart is an anime that has gone unnoticed by many fans

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As numerous fans discussed the anime of the spring 2023 season on a popular Japanese forum, more than a few wondered why “The Dangers in My Heart” went unnoticed.

The Dangers in My Heart Anime: Little popularity

Of course, it’s difficult to stand out particularly in a season peppered with top titles like “Oshi no Ko,” “Demon Slayer: Swordsmith Village Arc,” “Mashle,” and “Hell’s Paradise.” Still, a normal amount of attention should be doable for any anime. However, in the case of “The Dangers in My Heart,” fans are left wondering why it remains under the radar.

After all, the anime actually sets all the stage for a refreshing RomCom with its setting. A loner harbors violent fantasies towards the class idol, but as he gradually gets to know her better with all her rough edges, he falls in love.

Nevertheless, no one talks about the anime and its ratings are also only average. Forum users have tried to figure out the reasons for this, as we summarize in the comments below. However, feel free to let us know your opinion as well!

  • “The animation is nothing special and the story progression is not very innovative either.”
  • “The romantic development is slow and the characters aren’t good either. ‘Komi-san’ also has a slow story, but lots of likable characters. That’s the difference.”
  • “Opening and ending are still the best. But I can watch that on YouTube, too.”
  • “When the manga started, the story was really interesting. But now there are many similar stories. In my opinion, they took too long to adapt it as an anime.”
  • “Anna Yamada is a lovely girl, but nowadays RomComs also need an interesting male lead. Ichikawa is definitely not that.”
  • “Unfortunately, a RomCom without ecchi is no longer interesting. Who do we have to thank for that?”
  • “Ichikawa’s character is too bad for a RomCom. He gets better when he gets involved with Yamada’s friends, but by that time most people have already dropped the anime.”
  • “I also think Yamada is just an ordinary girl and has no waifu potential.”
  • “Many other works have done it better. I think viewers are getting tired of the ‘unpopular boy meets popular girl’ formula.”
  • “Ichikawa is unlikable. Even the useless protagonist of ‘Shimikori-san’ is better than that.”

The anime adaptation of “The Dangers in My Heart” is based on the manga series of the same name penned by Norio Sakurai, which has been published in Japan since March 2018. The series can be streamed in its original Japanese audio with subtitles on Prime Video and AKIBA PASS TV.

The Dangers in My Heart Anime Teaser: Greeting Message

The Dangers in My Heart: Storyline

Kyotaro Ichikawa likes to read grotesque books about murders and has dark fantasies about what he might do to those classmates who particularly annoy him. In particular, the beauty Anna Yamada from his class frequently appears in his delusions. One day Ichikawa retreats to the library, as he often does, when Yamada walks in.

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