Oshi no Ko Anime Thrills Fans with Outstanding Opening

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With the airing of the second episode of “Oshi no Ko,” the much-anticipated opening finally debuted, to the acclaim of fans and animators alike. We summarize.

Oshi no Ko Anime: Best opening of the year

After listening to the theme song “Idol” by YOASOBI in the end credits of the first episode, which aired in feature length and stormed the top list of MyAnimeList, we were finally presented with the complete package with the animated opening recently. And fans already agree that it will probably be one of the best of the year.

The scenes presented in the opening sequence and the theme song harmonize perfectly with each other, and the animation quality is particularly convincing. No wonder, after all, several renowned animators, such as Yumiko Yamamoto (“Lycoris Recoil”) and Kanna Hirayama (“Rent-A-Girlfriend”), were involved in the opening alone.

And those same animators have also published several wonderful illustrations to celebrate the day, which you can find along with the opening as usual at the end of the article. But first, let’s turn to some comments from the enthusiastic fans:

  • “The animations are great. I love how the sequence and music complement each other.”
  • “The song is a real banger. It’s literally Ai Hoshino’s song, YOASOBI did a really good job there. Without a doubt a contender for best opening of the year.”
  • “After reading more than 80 chapters of the manga, this opening brings tears to my eyes. All the more reason to be grateful to have survived this long.”
  • “No one would have expected a revenge story like ‘Oshi no Ko’ to get such a lively opening. YOASOBI never ceases to amaze me.”
  • “The song, the animation, the art and the colors – they are all a masterpiece.”
  • “I never thought an opening would ever have such good quality. Incredible.”
  • “I like how realistic Ai Hoshino’s movements look. Also, the animation of her mouth matches the lyrics perfectly, something like that usually looks bad in other anime.”
  • “I’m glad this adaptation is getting the love it deserves. The animation is incredible.”
  • “All the work behind it is incredible. Maybe visually it’s the best anime of the year. And that’s from studio Doga Kobo! It’s refreshing to see not just MAPPA or Ufotable constantly taking credit.”

“Oshi no Ko” began airing on Japanese television on April 12, 2023. The anime can be streamed at the streaming provider Crunchyroll in the original Japanese audio with English subtitles.

Oshi no Ko Anime Opening:

Oshi no Ko Anime Images:

Oshi no Ko Anime Images
© 2020 by Aka Akasaka, Mengo Yokoyari / SHUEISHA Inc.
Oshi no Ko Anime Images
© 2020 by Aka Akasaka, Mengo Yokoyari / SHUEISHA Inc.
Oshi no Ko Anime Images
© 2020 by Aka Akasaka, Mengo Yokoyari / SHUEISHA Inc.

Illustrations by @nozu78@jsFTbblDEnTYoAY@kaaaaaappe and @u_____su

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