What Comes Around drops CREEPY trailer featuring Grace Van Dien

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The first trailer for IFC Films‘ next thriller, whose spine-chilling plot is sure to give viewers shivers, has been unveiled. The story of Beth (Grace Van Dien), a young lady who believes she has found true love online, will be followed in What Comes Around. Amy Redford’s future movie won’t be a love story since the story she has written for it will swiftly take on a menacing tone. 

This thriller takes a different approach from other films that have exploited online dating sites to portray sweet stories of two strangers creating something beautiful together. Jesse Garcia will play Beth’s protective father. He recently had a lot of success as the lead in Flamin’ Hot.

What Comes Around
Credit: Ifc Films

The trailer of what comes around looks creepy and scary

Even though Beth thinks she’s speaking to a good person, things start to change after they have a few encounters because Eric (Kyle Gallner) starts to insist on becoming a part of her life even though she isn’t really ready for it. The stalker is still pressuring Beth into meeting up with him, even going so far as to find her address through mysterious means. Beth is visibly affected by having the stranger outside her home; she appears defenseless in the face of a frightening man who seems to know everything about her. Of course, others in her immediate vicinity will have opinions on the matter.

According to Collider, Jesse Garcia will play Beth’s protective father. He recently had a lot of success as the lead in Flamin’ Hot. It remains to be seen just how far the guy will go when his daughter is put in danger after sternly warning her about what could occur when dealing with people she meets online. Summer Phoenix’s Beth’s mother was another person who had reservations about the connection as a whole. Her parents will take any necessary action to assist Beth in escaping the dangerous stalker because she is in immediate danger.

Why is what comes around actress Grace Van Dien so popular?

Grace Van Dien had a totally different kind of job before she was chosen to portray the lead in the upcoming thriller; she played Chrissy Cunningham in the fourth season of Stranger Things. The fourth season of the famous Netflix series, which debuted over the summer of 2017, featured Chrissy as a well-liked cheerleader who confides in Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn) when she experiences a particularly threatening hallucination.

What Comes Around
Credit: Sonia Recchia/Getty Images

When the girl’s life was taken by the demonic Vecna (Jamie Campbell Bower), the pair’s lovely friendship was abruptly ended. If Eddie wanted a shot at taking on the series’ ultimate villain, he would need to work alongside the primary cast that fans have come to know and love. 


Watch the official trailer of What Comes Around below.

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