Stranger Things Fan Favorite Joseph Quinn Joins Gladiator Sequel

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British actor Joseph Quinn may have been relatively unknown in the US a year ago, but his breakout role in Stranger Things season 4 as Eddie Munson quickly brought him to the attention of audiences worldwide. Now, Quinn is set to star in another major project, the sequel to Ridley Scott’s epic 2000 film Gladiator.

In Gladiator 2, Quinn will play the real-life historical figure Emperor Caracalla, alongside Connie Nielsen reprising her role as Lucilla, and Paul Mescal as the adult version of her son, Lucius. Barry Keoghan will also star as another Roman Emperor, Geta, while Denzel Washington has a yet-to-be-revealed role.

Joseph Quinn’s Rise to Fame

Joseph Quinn began his acting career in the UK, with early roles in British TV shows like Dickensian and Howards End. However, it was his portrayal of Eddie Munson in Stranger Things that truly put him on the map. The character was a fan favorite and quickly gained Quinn a legion of new fans.

Joseph Quinn'S Rise To Fame
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Since then, Quinn has continued to land high-profile roles. He was announced as part of the cast for the upcoming spinoff A Quiet Place: Day One, which is set for release in March 2024. And now, he’s set to star in one of the most anticipated sequels of the year.

Gladiator 2: What we know so far

Details about Gladiator 2 have been scarce, but we do know that Ridley Scott is returning to direct. The film will take place several years after the original, with Lucius (Mescal) now grown up and seeking revenge for the death of his father, Maximus, who was originally played by Russell Crowe.

It’s unclear how Emperor Caracalla will fit into the story, but given the historical figure’s reputation for cruelty and violence, it’s likely he’ll play a major role in the film’s conflict. Fans of the original Gladiator can also look forward to seeing Connie Nielsen return as Lucilla, Maximus’s love interest and sister to Emperor Commodus.

Quinn’s role as Emperor Caracalla

Emperor Caracalla was a Roman emperor who ruled from 211 to 217 AD. He is known for his military campaigns and expansion of the Roman Empire, as well as his ruthless behavior towards anyone he saw as a threat. Caracalla famously murdered his own brother, Geta, in a power struggle for the throne.

Playing such a complex and historical figure is a significant challenge for any actor, but Quinn’s rising star power and talent suggest he’s up to the task. It will be exciting to see how he brings Emperor Caracalla to life on screen.

Stranger Things Fan Favorite Joseph Quinn Joins Gladiator Sequel
Emperor Caracalla’s Bust © Richard Mortel

Gladiator 2 is just one of several upcoming projects for Ridley Scott. The director recently wrapped up filming on his next historical epic, Napoleon, which stars Joaquin Phoenix (who played Commodus in the original Gladiator). The film is set to be released in November 2023.

Joseph Quinn’s rise to fame has been swift and well-deserved. His impressive performances in Stranger Things and other projects have quickly earned him a reputation as one of the most promising young actors in the industry. With his upcoming role as Emperor Caracalla in Gladiator 2, Quinn is set to showcase his talent on an even bigger stage.

Fans of the original Gladiator and history buffs alike are sure to be thrilled about the announcement of a sequel, especially with such a talented cast attached to it. With Joseph Quinn joining the cast as Emperor Caracalla, alongside Connie Nielsen, Paul Mescal, Barry Keoghan, and Denzel Washington, expectations are high for the film’s success.

Quinn’s rise to fame in the United States is a testament to the power of streaming services like Netflix, which have the ability to introduce actors and shows to a wider audience. The success of Stranger Things has given Quinn the platform he needed to land bigger roles in Hollywood productions, and his latest role in Gladiator 2 is a clear indication of his potential as an actor.

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